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It's Been Quite a While

It feels like it's been longer than a month since I wrote anything in here...

At any rate, I'm just in between working on getting some things ready for tomorrow. Surprises and things I won't divulge yet and such. James called about 20 minutes ago asking if I'd come in for 7, because Gabby called in. He was planning to call Tom to see if he'd come in so it could be he and I closing again, but if not, James will be working open to close. Fun for him, if so, but we'll see. Tomorrow will be my first Monday off in a little while, and for good reason (even though I'd get time and a half at work) - it's Squeeze's (that sounds weird anymore...) birthday <3 We were originally going to go to Golf & Fun, but the review we found (from July this year) wasn't very promising, and... maybe we'll still go. Or maybe we'll just go with my imagined idea of sleeping late, and stumbling out all groggy-like to Glitters for supper. I'm definitely looking forward to it either way.

I should go get back to things now though. I wonder if I can finish before supper (chicken balls for me~) is ready...


It was almost a month since your last post.

You must be really busy. :)
You could say that. Things really don't seem a whole lot busier than before, short of having a few extra hours here and there at work, but it hasn't really occurred to me to write entries all that much, what with just telling Squeeze about whatever might be on my mind.

Other than that, things are mostly just a matter of planning for the months ahead - I'd like to start considering what to get and buying Christmas presents for people, and then just wanting to save up money for various things, including hopefully visiting you again, but it's going to be a little bit yet either way~