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Something Different to Do

I should be doing productive things right now. Possibly reach way up behind me and check my white board list of things to do for something to work on, or get up and grab my 3DS and play / work on Mario and Luigi (Dream Team) some more, or even (but not likely) find some nibbly things, and watch more of this GTA Vice City 100% playthrough. I don't know, but the main fact is that Squeeze (I really need to ask if she would still prefer me to use that name online) is still asleep, and I don't want to wake her up, and yes.

Yesterday at this time, we were just sitting around trying to find something to do, and eventually settled on making some food (hot turkey sandwiches with leftovers from Thanksgiving), and watching an episode of Hell's Kitchen. Fine, yes? It would seem so, but not a moment after I finished making my sandwich and sat down in front of the computer to open the episode, the phone rang, and it was work. It ended up that Manoah had called in, so she had to cover his closing shift, but in order to do so, she would have to leave at 5, and return later at night. She wanted to know if I could come in early, and I kind of smiled in an amused way to myself as I explained that we were sitting down to eat, but I'd be in as soon as possible after that. I ended up starting at 5:30, and apart from difficulty over making orders for people in the dining room (as opposed to for drive through), because they were large and supper was really busy, it was a decent night. Closer to actually closing, Mary and I got to talking about Danny, and I brought up how he was condescending and whatnot the first time he closed. She said (in an ever so slightly annoyed way) that she didn't understand why, as I did know what I was doing, and I quite appreciated that, because kind words of that sort don't come terribly often.

Work aside (mostly, considering I should mention that I called the house and got a ride from Mom), I have a fairly substantial package that I'm looking forward to opening now. On Thursday, I woke up at ~10am unable to get back to sleep, and through looking at usual beginning of the day things online, decided I'd finally order things from a certain website that I've been considering / waiting on restock for a little while now. Said items are personal, suffice it to say, but a bunch of things were ordered, and a little more money than I expected to spend later, I'd logged into Paypal and paid. Now, usually when I order from that site, I'll get a UPS shipping email either later the same afternoon, or sometime the next day. Nothing came at all on Thursday, so I figured the email would come on Friday, and I'd get the package in time for Tuesday - my next day off - which is when I want to open it. Surprise surprise, however, when I called the house, Mom said she had a "large package" for me. That's cool, and perhaps from now on when I order from that site, I'll have to do so early in the morning, so as to have my purchases by the end of the next day again.

Another thing on my mind over the past couple days has been Dan, and going back to Toronto. Until recently, I nigh insisted upon the next time I went, wanting Squeeze to come with me, so there wouldn't be a repeat of last time. The last time she mentioned me going again, however, she said she felt conflicted that I felt that way, because it would most certainly be a good while until she had enough money saved up to be able to go. The immediate option there is that I could pay for her train ticket and have a bit of money set aside for food for the both of us, but I must also consider that I could just go on my own again, now that I'm feeling somewhat more ready for it. I think back to cleaning up the party room after the meet, and to baking things (to a certain extent) in the days beforehand, and I want to do that again. Baking is more tricky, because the line between it being enjoyable and a chore is very thinly drawn, but just for the preparations and such. The meet itself I don't feel so strongly about, because I don't see any change in being there to contribute as opposed to going for the meet / party, but I'm definitely starting to feel like I want to do that again. I also obviously quite like the idea of going to Dollar Tree, especially after past correspondence Dan and I had where he said he'd be perfectly understanding of me wanting to go places on my own at times, but that's about all for now. I would want to go to the zoo to see the snow leopards again, but outside of them, I just remember there not being anything terribly new in recent trips (not to mention how it would be better to wait 'til after Winter so they're open longer), and such. There were also other ideas discussed before, but the main point once again is that my thoughts and feelings on going back are definitely coming back into focus.

Aside from that, things here have been mostly pretty decent. Since the nature of my past couple proper entries is right there at the front of my thoughts, I want to say that things of that sort in general (I'll just say the word - crafts) are from my point of view better than they were before. Things still bother me anywhere from idly to quite a bit from time to time, most often when I'm laying down to fall asleep, and I know Squeeze isn't in a particularly desirable position, but compared to the way they were before, when I was constantly felt like I was incredibly close to freaking right out, they are improved. On that note though, I might as well end this here, because she's been awake for about half an hour now, and I can no longer concentrate exclusively on this. Until next time, whenever that may be~

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