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All On My Own

Time for another random update, because the circumstances tonight are unusual, and I might as well take advantage of not knowing what else to do.

About an hour ago now (2am), Jen left with her mom to take Conner to the hospital. For the better part of a week now, he's been on and off not quite himself, and today, he developed a raspy, worrisome cough. She suspects pneumonia, because Evo's come down with an apparently bad case of it, and was over a couple times recently, and would rather have gone tonight instead of the morning, so as to not have to wait as long. I'm not sure how that'll turn out, but I do know I'm hoping they're back before I go to sleep. I'm not feeling overly great myself, but I've yet to pinpoint the exact cause of that. We had to wake up early today to go to Wallaceburg for her dad's Christmas, so there's that (the waking up early) as one possibility, but the other is that having been in close proximity to both Evo and Conner, I've come down with some degree of illness myself. My throat feels kind of sore, and I'm more drowsy than I'd normally be at this time in the morning, not to mention (although these are likely unrelated) I have a sore bump right on the tip of my tongue, and my entire mouth doesn't... taste normal. It's like a slight chemical-y taste that won't go away (although I've yet to try brushing my teeth), and my front teeth (if not others) are more sensitive than they'd normally be. I figure having slept eventually will sort out whether this is getting better or worse, but until then, it would suck if we were all getting sick just in time for Christmas.

When it comes to things for Wednesday, I think we're almost ready. The only things Jen has left to wrap are for Conner, and she said earlier that she might just not wrap them, while I want to go to Walmart after work tomorrow for something edible for everybody (that was supposed to happen tonight, but was set aside when making a trip to the hospital came up), and then just have those as well as four or five small things to wrap. Christmas Eve day (health permitting) will see us doing all our usual things in spite of previous uncertainty, and then there's Christmas Day, which I've yet to decide on. To put it simply, everybody at the house wants to wake up earlier than I would prefer in order to open gifts. Do I try to wake up at a suitable time - 8 or 9am - or do I try to just stay awake all night and day? Better yet, why not attempt waking up early on Christmas Eve day (which would help because I have a cheesecake pie and cheesecake to make before we head out, as well as a kitchen to clean), and use that to go to bed early that night, and wake up early Christmas Day? Probably the latter, but it's a slight bother either way. Also on the topic of Christmas is things today, and they went overall pretty well. I'm still annoyed with myself for my attitude just after I woke up (I felt it was an inconvenience to me personally that we had to get ready earlier than anticipated), but that went away, and things in Wallaceburg were fun and nice.

To go on a slight unrelated tangent, I remember going to the city for a field trip or something in public school. The only thing I remember about said trip now is seeing a bridge that we didn't have to go over, but which I wanted to traverse, because it was a bridge, and seemed interesting. I got over it quickly, and that remained as a faint memory up until today. As we were driving in, I wondered if we would see and possibly even cross over that bridge. Further into the city we went, and then, it was in sight! Right there in front of us, and I got somewhat excited, but... we turned. At the street right. before. the. same. exact. bridge. Disappointment? Yes. I still got over it before we even turned into the parking lot, but indeed. At any rate, things at Dave and Fawn's place were good and fun, but there were a couple points of note. After unwrapping of gifts, I was smelling the candle Jen gave Fawn, because it smelled good enough to eat, and commented that I could buy one for myself when we went to Walmart. She (Jen) looked at me and after a moment said "Don't ruin it!" I immediately figured she must have intended to buy / bought one for me already, and felt bad about that, but before a proper explanation of what she meant was offered to the other people around, Marlena (her brother's wife) said / asked (in a hushed voice) "...so you guys get kinky huh?", and just... I'm sorry, but what? Where does that idea come from? I'll admit that my mind when racing immediately trying to figure out what she meant by it, which is why it's still on my mind, but it came right out of nowhere. I doubt I'll ever get an answer, so to move onto the other thing, by the end of the night, I'd worked myself into a slightly foul mood. You see, Jen got a new camera for Christmas. That's not a big surprise, but what was was her dad randomly giving her a small tripod to go with it. I know she would / will probably let me use it as soon as I have some need, but right then my mindset was more "...what about me?" As far as gifts go, they gave me a $20 Walmart card and a box of dark chocolates, and I have no issue with that, but yeah. I'd like to just be randomly given something, but at the same time, I hate myself for thinking that. It's quite the conflicted feeling.

About the only other thing of note about the night is how coming back home, we drove down St. Clair. It was about 10:20pm, so as we drove past work, I glanced over to see how busy it was, and to my surprise and continued intrigue, the place was completely dark. Parking lot empty, front sign off - closed. To my knowledge, the only days we have different hours for are Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year's Eve and Day, so what happened? Could either Danny or Tom not make it in, and nobody else was available to close? There were no other messages on the answering machine, so I don't know what to think. Possibly related as well is that yesterday (Saturday), I brought my gift for Manoah in thinking I would have time to give it to him. He wasn't there, having gone home early, so I gave it to Mary, and she put it in the office. I then called five times between ~1 and 2pm this afternoon, and nobody picked up. Manoah was supposed to open, so maybe he couldn't, and nobody else was available, so the store wasn't even opened? It's far-fetched to think that, but I have no way of knowing until tomorrow.

I'm not sure what else to write about now though... Options are watching random things online, organizing my desktop, playing Super Mario 3D Land or Wind Waker HD, or just going to bed early. The WiiU gamepad needs to charge for now, so I suppose I'll content myself with watching things. Until next time, Merry (early) Christmas to anybody reading this, and my next update will probably come in the new year~

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