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Entry While Jen's Asleep~

...tired... Had pizza for supper (6 pieces?), plus 4 or 5 of Jen's wings... Bottle of Pepsi... Then I decided an hour or so later that chocolate milk sounded nice. One carton of that too. Why do I do this to myself? Oh, right, because I wanted to surprise her. That's still worth it. I called her from work tonight about five minutes before we closed, and it wasn't long before I said "I'm hungry" and she said "I'm hungry too". I teased her by suggesting how tasty pizza and wings from Pizza Tonite would be, and she agreed, largely because she's been up since 9~10am, and an easy supper was preferable, then it was midnight, and I had to go do closing-related things, but the idea was already in my head: call Pizza Tonite right before we (Gabby and I) left, ask for my order to be delayed about half an hour, and conveniently have it arrive not long after I got home. It worked, too. I had just enough time to run out the garbage / cardboard and check the mail, then tell her about a couple things from the beginning of the night tonight, and the phone rang. She was confused, and by the second ring I was concerned that she wasn't going to answer, so I hurriedly told her "Let him in!", and that was that. We ate, watched an episode of Hell's Kitchen, she did a couple things out at her computer, laid down, and now I'm the only one awake.

For the most part, I've been doing just one thing: messing with Thunderbird. I can't remember exactly the thought process that led to it, but earlier today I was yet again considering moving from Firefox (Palemoon, technically) to exclusively Google Chrome. Problem is Chrome doesn't (so far as I know) have an RSS reader that's similar to Firefox's Live Bookmarks. Looking into a proper standalone feed reader came to mind as an alternative, but I didn't want some online solution, so I went to Google. Some random program came up first, but a comment on that page suggested Thunderbird, and... here we are. I have both my main email (into which all my alternate addresses are linked) and RSS feeds set up in it, and... it's nice. Breaking the habit of compulsively switching to Firefox (sorry, Palemoon) and hitting CTRL+2 is going to take a bit of time, but it really is a nice overall solution. One thing I would still like is for there to be a version 24.3.0-compatible menu editor extension released, because I surely don't need all of the context menu items, but the program itself is set up how I want it. userChrome.css tweaks have even started already, too. Thus far only a simple .tabs-alltabs-button {display: none !important;}, but if that says only one thing, it's that there will be more. I even wonder if that shouldn't be #tabs-alltabs-button[...], because if you click the button, a little menu appears, but... I don't care to find out right now.

Are there other things to talk about? I could be sure there were when I started, but I haven't a clue what they are now. I could go to sleep, considering I work 7 - close tomorrow, but not yet. Why not talk about work even? It's been going a little better than pretty decently lately. Some nights still start out in a difficult way, but by the end, I'm usually feeling good about how things have turned out. Both Friday and Saturday this past weekend, I was left (at 10 on Friday, and 8 on Saturday) with a couple to several hours of dishes piled up at the back (thanks, supper staff! I know it's busy but you could at least try FRS...), but despite the unfavorable odds, I got them caught up in plenty of time both nights. Tonight (Sunday), it seemed like I'd still have a fair few ahead of me, but my brain is used to only starting at 8 or 5 (a significant 3 hours earlier) on Sunday - not 7 - and Jeremy ended up not being done 'til 8, so he did most of the dishes, and Cheryl, Gabby, and I ran around and got other things caught up. By ~9:30, we were all done and had a good hour with very few customers to walk around and not do a whole lot, but I was still productive. You see, I still start my nights out by collapsing all the cardboard and taking it out before I change into my uniform. That way I don't have to worry about being sidetracked onto something else, and I'm not just standing there either. Tonight, however, pop was running out. Diet Pepsi, and iced tea, and regular Pepsi, and root beer, and mountain dew... Jeremy and I brought all of them in from the shed, then he had customers, so I (still while in my non-work clothes) proceeded to change all of those pops, then took out the cardboard, and then still had enough time to grab a fork and fry box to have piece of the lemon-meringue pie Cheryl brought in. A pretty good night overall, and the rushed walk home to ensure I had time to do other things before pizza arrived was a nice end as well...

...that previous paragraph is pretty disjointed, huh? Maybe that's a sign I should go to sleep... I suppose I'll at least try, because I can't think of anything else to write, and can't see anything else to do... Well, there is one thing that requires getting up, but I can do that once I post this. Until next time~

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