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Money, Heart and Stroke, and Wenches

I feel mildly stressed out over money-related things again. Funny to think that just a week ago at this time, I was completely fine. Had ~$900 in my checking account, with every intention to spend minimally until my next pay, but other expenses came along.

First, last Friday, I left for work early to go to the bank. Had my passport in my wallet and all, because past experience with trying to withdraw a large sum has shown me that photo ID is required. Jen's mom's prior vehicle was getting worse with each day that she drove it. A new vehicle was needed, and I was asked about the money. It's quite a necessity, so I said yes, and knowing I was carrying $1,500 in my wallet that entire shift at work was something. About half a week passed, and she came by to get the money, after finding a van on Kijiji that seemed adequate, then I left for work, and all was well. When I got home that night, however, Jen informed me that some "Safety" check was required before the van would be street safe. Her mom (hereafter referred to as Linda, because I can't be bothered) apparently intended to ask Jen's grandma about the money for that, but was (to my understanding) told that the money wouldn't be available for a little while longer. So I was consulted again. Yep. Back on Tuesday, around 9pm, I went for a walk that took be down King Street to find a mailbox, into Canada Trust to withdraw $500, across the bridge to 7-11 for two $10 phone cards for Jen (she paid for those with her own money, however), over to Mom and Dad's house for razors I couldn't find the last time I'd been there, as well as a few other things, and finally to Dominos, for supper for Jen, Evo (can I call him by his real name now?), and myself. It was quite a fun (and fast!) walk, to be sure, but that $500 brought the total that she now owes me to $2,000. No small sum. In the same night, shortly after he came over, Evo was talking about how he might not be able to make it to Rainfurrest after all, and I, wanting to help, told him that, if nothing else, I could loan him more money. He said that was exactly what he was trying to avoid, but apparently that thought went right out the window, as before anything happened in regards to my walk, we'd already made purchases relevant to that venture. $389 for the plane ticket, and $40 for the con registration. The $40 came from my checking account, as I knew I had enough for that, but the other amount? Charged to my credit card, because that was the only accepted payment method I had in the end. The majority of my next pay will go toward paying that off, in addition to the ~$80 in other charges I have on there, and Linda's supposed to be paying me back the $500 I lent her most recently in the same week, but... there's more! Of course there is, which is what has me stressed...

First off, as it is now, my checking account balance is approximately $260, and if it isn't now, it will be shortly. Sun Life's monthly charge will also be coming out before I next get paid, which will put me down to about $220. Figuring I get paid at least $500, have another $500 coming from Linda, and have ~$400 in charges to pay off on my credit card, I'll have ~$800 after everything is dealt with. I do owe Jen money for rent next month, as well as I need a new pair of shoes (quite badly, in fact), so let's say once expenses are all done, I have $600. That's fine, and if I continue on as I have been for the past few weeks, I'll be fine until my next pay. I'm getting quite ahead of myself here though. I went out to Heart and Stroke today, and shortly after I got home, remembered to ask Jen if she'd heard from her mom. Apparently, the van was taken in to be "safetied", and there's some part in it that should be metal, but is wood, which is a fire hazard. The cost to replace that part is apparently more than what I lent her to pay for the vehicle originally, which is dumb, but that's not the point. There is some way around it. I can't remember exactly what Jen said right now, but it was to the effect of that, while she doesn't want to ask, Linda may within the next couple days approach me for an additional $300. Yes. Cue anxiety. You're going to owe me $2,300?! If she could wait until I got paid, that would be fine, but how can I enforce that when Jen taking Conner to appointments, or going to get groceries, or paying bills hinges on her (mom) having a vehicle? I can't, plain and simple. Maybe I could get by with transfering that $300 from my savings account, withdrawing it tonight or tomorrow, and transfering the same amount back into savings when I get paid, so when she pays me back, I can have that cash to do as I please with. That, and I need to work up a proper record-keeping sheet for this, if for no other reason than the amount. Peace of mind would go a long way...

In other (better) news, I was productive today. The short form: I just started back at Heart and Stroke on Tuesday this week, and we're already caught up to the point where I'm off next Tuesday, and don't know when I'll be needed next until Michele emails me. It's not the "off for the summer" sort of "off", but it's still something, considering. The work I've been doing is somewhat similar to last year's - input, on a canvasser-by-canvasser basis, the amount of money they brought in with each receipt on each route they canvassed - colloquially known as "reconciling" - but there is a new aspect, in the form of entering each canvasser's total revenue per receipt book, the total number of donations they collected, and marking them as having finished canvassing / the date they were marked as completed / making them a "Gold Heart Canvasser" when they qualify (have to have collected $500 or more), selecting whether or not they'll be returning for next year's campaign, and verifying their total revenue. It sounds like alot of work, but once I was familiar with the layout of the pages, I had each canvasser down to a ~20 second process. Really not difficult at all, but quite satisfying when other people make remarks about me being so fast and whatnot. During the reconciling today, Jacques even asked how I was able to make it through each slip so quickly, and I didn't know what to tell him. I use the number pad to enter values, whereas he uses the row of number keys, but apart from that, there's no trick other than being quick. Know what you have to do ahead of time, have certain values in mind so you don't have to check the sheet twice ("So you're a maybe" (to returning next year) "with $60" (total revenue) - the other values remain consistent), know how far to scroll and where to click, and... that's about it. Compared to Tuesday though, I was definitely faster today.

As for being back to Heart and Stroke in general, it's slightly different this year. At least for the time being, I have the option of being there 'til 8pm, so today, I was in from 4 to 8. I figured I wouldn't have to get up as early that way (even though it still happened...), the extra hour would lead to more work getting done, and having had a different day than normal might put me in the mood to order something special for Jen and I for supper. All good things, and today, there was an additional unexpected upside. Back when Michele asked for my availability and I told her I could be in from 4 to 8 today, I envisioned it being just her and I there. Quiet, with both of us working, focusing on getting our stuff done, yes? I didn't know Michele had four other people coming in to help out at 8. Definitely unexpected, but it ended up being quite a good thing. You see, because she knew in advance that so many people would be there, she asked somebody (can't remember who) about ordering pizza for supper. At first I was way to worried that I wouldn't be included in the pizza, as I'm usually not there that late, but told myself I was being silly, and indeed, I was. I rushed to get my work done before pizza came, was successful, and even had a good ten minutes to not do anything in particular before it came. Unfortunately, before the pizza was ordered, Michele went around asking everybody what they liked / didn't like on theirs, and when my turn came, my answer was the dreaded "[I don't like] vegetables", to which she increduously responded "Really?", but yeah. I got to feel embarrassed for a bit, then we had pizza, and Michele even brought in tasty little cupcakes for everybody, which was all in all a really nice, unexpected treat. I obviously can't expect that kind of surprise every time I'm there past 5, but for the difference, and other benefits it offers, I think I will keep my availability as it has been for this week. Mind you, once I have a respectable amount of money saved up again, there's a party store along Richmond that Jen and I have been to a couple times that I'd like to visit again, and that would require me to be done before 8 on Thursday, but... I'm sure that could be arranged.

Is there anything to say about the rest of the night? Following Heart and Stroke, I got a ride down to Giant Tiger from Michele and her daughter, walked over to the house to collect internet money from Adam and Naomi, and then walked back home, which involved some being nonsensically annoyed with the wind. Every time I'd walk around from being some buildings, there'd be a gust in my face, and I wasn't very impressed.


Butters! Those chips were for Conner! Wench!


Seriously, Conner woke up not too long ago, and in hopes of delaying him starting crying and waking Jen up, I gave him some chips. He wasn't too interested, but they were down in the corner by his door. What do I hear just now but crunching. And not the "Conner's eating" sort of crunching. The same kind of crunching I heard when there was a mysterious sound earlier, and I went out to find Butters eating more of the same chips directly from the little container that was on the floor. I know there are more where they came from, but seriously, cat. I haven't given you a scoop yet because I'm still writing. And it's only 1:00. You can wait a bit longer, can't you?

...apparently that's about all of particular interest I have to say for right now, hmm? I should probably respond to a commission-related message on Jen's Furaffinity account while the computer isn't in use. Then find something else to do. At least coming out here has proven useful. It's a nice change of pace, and I really ought to do it more often~

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