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Karadur Inacu 

Another Dream-Based Entry

It's about 20 after 10 in the morning here, and by all means I should've just gone back to sleep after I finished up in the bathroom a few minutes ago, but I have to write about a dream I just woke up from, because it was... messed up. I guess I'm starting to get over it now, but it had me feeling somewhat disturbed for a few minutes even after I got up, which is indeed something.

In any case, the beginning of the dream slipped by in much the same fashion almost all of the rest of them that I remember do. There was no discernible lead-in, which is bothersome because I don't just want to jump right to the main bit. As that's all there is to do though, let me describe the outside of my parents' house. The front yard is mostly bare, after the tree in it was cut down several years ago. A new one is slowly growing in its place, but the familiar shade that I knew from it throughout my childhood is surely lost for the rest of my lifetime. Somewhat in front of that is the porch, with a lattice design in front, a brick wall, and several adornments such as a bench, stool, cactus (at least at some point), and a mailbox scattered about. To the left, you can see the driveway. Gravel - I've wondered infrequently throughout the years what it would be like to have a paved lane, but that must be expensive, and if you look back far enough, the garage. To the right, finally, one can only see back so far. It used to be that there was a small row of bushes separating the front yard from the back, which one could easily walk around, but when they rebuilt the Wellington Centre sometime ago, a proper fence was put up, and that path was completely blocked off. In front of the fence, one can find the air conditioner, and if the window is open, a fun way to mess with the cats. In back, there's an entrance into the crawlspace underneath the back porch, and little else apart from a most likely worn-away wooden cross where Cloudy (an old pet rabbit) was buried when she died, and more fence separating the apartment's "yard" next door from ours. Back when we were kids, you could just climb through the fence, and have a root through their dumpster, which was needless to say stupidly entertaining (I mean that!) back then, and occasionally you'd ind something mildly interesting. Enough build-up and description? I hope so.

The dream itself now concerned the right side of the house. Behind that fence (that is, the bit separating the front yard from the back), a secret was discovered. I don't know how, but a hole roughly similar in shape to a manhole was discovered in the ground, and the contents were quite disturbing. People. Not just nondescript dead people all tossed into a hole in the ground (although I suppose that would've been unsettling in and of itself), but something kind of like capsules. There was obviously some power source present, because each capsule was lit with a small light and a soft blue glow from some unseen source, and it was disturbing. For whatever reason, the only view I could get was from far up above, but even from there, I could see what looked like two capsules, one on the left, one on the right, and they went down farther than I could make out. Now, I don't know how that sounds or looks according to your own imagination, but in mine, it was incredibly creepy. Random hole in the ground of the yard in the house I grew up in filled with (hopefully) humans in suspended animation? What in the hell is that? Why does it exist? How long has it been there? I overheard at some point (a very brief part of the dream cut to me talking to Mom or Dad about it) that the authorities had determined it had been there for at least 30 years, adding another layer of unsettling-ness. You mean to tell me this... thing was there all throughout my childhood, and it wasn't until ~29 years later that anybody finally uncovered it? I don't know about you, but that's even worse, and was arguably the creepiest part of the dream. Just something about this completely unexpected discovery of unknown purpose and intent... Maybe fascinating in other circumstances, but there, it was definitely not. The best part though? Unless my imagination intentionally chose to just gloss over that detail, I don't remember anything being done about it. I talked to my parents, sure, and I'm still getting to what was said there, but I remember nothing about the police coming, nor an ambulance, nor *anything* really. For a discovery such as that, you'd expect some sort of public interest, but... I don't know. Maybe they were all stuck in the hole or something.

At any rate, what came from talking to my parents? Not much, sadly. That part of the dream consisted of us being at the Canada Trust out on St. Clair, and inexplicably driving further down the side street that you have to go down to get into the parking lot. I was trying to equate those people being in the capsules in the hole to torture. It made sense in my mind to think that it was, and I was trying to explain why we (or I, at least) found it so unnerving, by saying "Well, we're used to the idea of physical torture, but..." [what about psychological?], however, nothing ever came of that. Possibly of interest is how at that point in the dream, I was a small child, probably around grade-school age then. I don't get it, but I woke up pretty much right after that anyway, feeling thoroughly creeped out, and kind of resenting the fact that it was as early as it was, because I knew I would want to write, but also would've rather gone back to bed. Today is a day off for me again, and that's nice, because it's supposed to be really busy, but I can't just go back to sleep, because Jen has an appointment later, and I intend to help her with cleaning the living room up. Then her dad might be coming down to give Conner his Easter treats, and because she got money today, we may be going out after that. I myself have only about $30, so I'm not sure I'll go much of anywhere, but we'll see.

...and... that's lovely. I'm glad you're eating it, Butters, but...

She's a small cat, right? Pukes if she eats too much. Occasionally she pukes even when given a normal (for her) amount of food, and some of the time when she does, she'll just eat it again, because it looks like the reason she pukes is because she doesn't chew her food, so it's still all solid anyway. So she puked last night, but neither of us cleaned it up (yay for lazniess), and just now I see her pawing at it, licking it tentatively, and then eating a bit. Most of it is still there, but she's back to perching on the back of the couch, licking her paws. Cat...

I suppose I'll go find other things to do now though. I forgot how utterly stupid OmmWriter is with repeatedly task-switching, so I'm trying not to ALT-Tab out of it again, lest I lose my taskbar a second time. Then it's just a matter of waiting for half an hour to wake Jen up, and going from there. Maybe I can mess with Firefox some more. I decided to switch back to it, after determining that it was impossible to customize folder icons on the bookmark toolbar in Google Chrome, because I'm just fussy like that. I even finally set up a folder of daily bookmarks in Firefox too (so I don't have to type all the URLs in every time - [ddg visual styles 7] CTRL-T [lapfox.bandcamp.com] CTRL-T [lapfox.storenvy.com] CTRL-T [spiderwebsoftware.com] CTRL-T [starshipamazing.bandcamp.com]), so that's nice. But userChrome.css isn't, and as per usual, it's started already. Hopefully it'll be simpler this time though... Oh, and there's an ALT-Tab attempt. I suppose that should be enough for now~

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