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Ten Years of Entries...

So I'm sitting here just working on backups, because that's what I've chosen to do with my day today, and I've started with uploading certain things to MediaFire, since that's an easy part to forget. Very first item? LiveJournal entries. Apparently I haven't done a proper backup of those since December of 2013, and in making the folder for 2014, I noticed I've had an account here for ten years now. That's a long time... Back when I registered here, it was so I could have an offsite location to whinge (write) about problems that being a member of Dragon-Realms was causing me, as well as about other things that were going on in my life. After that came literal years of insecurity-based problems, but that's not to say there weren't just as many high points, and now I hardly ever write at all anymore, because I can most always talk to Jen if something is on my mind. Ten years though. That's something...

As for other things today, I'll obviously be back to being busy quite shortly, combined with some annoyance on the side. A little while ago, I discovered there was a Storenvy page for Lapfox Trax, with several CDs that I would've liked to have, if possible. To date, I have one, which is probably still in stock even now, but the others may be a lost cause, and that really annoys me. The cassette tape was "Coming Soon" for the better part of a week, but when I woke up, came out here, and refreshed the page this morning, it was - surprise surprise - out of stock. Collector's / Limited edition things like that will sell quickly, sure, but for Roy's sake, why have an actual sales website if you can just contact interested buyers directly, and save people like me who are never actually going to have the chance the worry? I know, I should stop whining and start keeping an eye on his Twitter page if it really matters that much, but that doesn't diminish the irritation any. Also, about a week and a half ago, looking back now, Jen linked me to a certain user's entry on here about a free icon day. I hesitated for a while, because I couldn't think of anything to ask for, then decided to just go ahead with a vague idea anyway, and sent the person a $10 tip, to boot. Now, I realize I am by no means the highest tipper, nor am I the only one, but are you kidding me, or can you legitimately not make even one icon (for the first person who commented, even) in the ten days time since the ad went up? Whatever, I guess. I've spent more money on paid commissions in the past, that I'll still never see completed, so $10 more to that isn't much. Plus, I need to try and remember that I still want to save money... My pay last week, after working 10 hours on Good Friday, was nearly $800. Quite nice, yes, and by no means have I gone through it all already, but I'm spending more than I should. There is one website I'm considering asking Jen to order some things for me from, because they only accept phone orders, and are based out of the States, so I'm not sure what sort of long distance charges that would incur, and otherwise? McDonalds for supper tonight might be nice, but only if I get through all my backups, as I suggested to her last night, and I should be able to manage otherwise. Money is the one thing though...

To put it exactly the same way I put it to Jen last night, the way I was figuring things back on Friday, by this time, I'd have $620 in repaid loans. What I did get back, however, was a whopping $20 (amusingly, Tom, who always had some reason to delay by a day or two before, was the only one to pay me back on time), and that went directly to Manoah, because oh, he already owed me $60, but wanted to borrow another $40, so I ran across to the bank for another $20 bill, and gave him that plus the one Tom had given me. He *was* supposed to pay me back in full yesterday (that $100 plus the $1,330 he owed me from the last substantial loan I gave him), but apparently he just can't make it three days. So long as there's $100 for me in the safe come Friday, or he has it in his wallet for me when I go in to work, then we're good, but if not, I don't know what I'll do yet. It's just... I don't like telling people no, because in every single case in all the years I've been lending money thus far, *I* have been able to get by, and that's what matters. When I learn that the reason Manoah (in this case) doesn't have as much money as he needs is because he went out and bought a $700 phone (one time before...), though, I feel like saying no, if only for the hope of having to force him to get by with less. I was telling him about lending Jen's mom money one of the times we worked together before last night, and before I had the chance to tell him it was for actual, real necessities (a new vehicle, paying off neverending loans, and such), he made a comment to the effect of "It sounds like somebody's living outside of their means". Yeah, Manoah. That would be you. I'm glad for him that he was able to get a bank loan to cover all of his other debts, but I just hope that works out for him. I'll certainly be more wary about lending him money from now on.

Anyway, it's already ten to 2, so I should probably go nudge Jen awake. Then have to make a backup of entries for May again, since this one will have been posted. I can live with that~

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