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It's a Special Weekend

I know Jen wouldn't be much a fan of this, but I rather like it. When I woke up and came out to the living room today, it was kind of chilly, because both the air conditioner and fan were on. Turned both of them off, opened the balcony door, sat down to eat some cereal, and now, about fifteen minutes later, am hearing on and off music and other talking from the park down the street. Indeed, Retrofest is this weekend, and is being held primarily along King St, most undoubtedly with some events in the park as well, which I find pretty cool. It was still close by enough that I'd run into it on my way to work back when I lived at the house, but to be on the same street as it, and close enough by that sounds drift up even when I'm sitting here just doing normal before work things is quite neat. Of course, it raises the question of how I'm going to *get* to work - I can't see them closing off King St to pedestrians as well, but I won't know until then - but for just sitting here, I like it.

Speaking of work as well, there's been some changes. Or will be some changes. For me, mostly, but one directly affects me, and the other only affects me as a closer. Toward the latter, we're open 'til 4am Friday and Saturday again. Joy. Yesterday was our first night for that, and there were only two customers after three, but that's going to be fun in the weeks to come. Last night, I closed with Mary, and she was out enough of it anyway, having woken up at ~7:30am to get a plumber in to find out why we keep having an overflow near the inside pop machine, but I had all the energy in the world, and that was without drinking the energy drink I'd brought in. I was also working 5 - close, because I offered to cover Cheryl's shift after she gave Mary a doctor's note excusing her from work until September (seriously), and it went quite well overall. Quite busy between 10 and midnight, but back to slow enough to get caught up after that, and be out in ~20 minutes. Tonight, however, Orlando is closing. That could well be fine just on its own, but Retrofest is still going today, so it'll almost certainly be busy again, and it really wasn't busy past midnight yesterday, so everybody could be waiting to come in tonight, and we're still open 'til 4am, and... yeah. It's fine, I suppose. Mary definitely doesn't want it to be a permanent thing, so we can probably expect to go back to closing at 3 again eventually, and until then, it's just an extra hour. No big deal.

Item number two comes as a result of Tom, but I'm trying my absolute hardest to not let it seem like the change has gone through directly because of him. For Summer, he wants to play tennis on Thursdays. Mind you, as both Orlando and Mary have said, he could either suck it up and close that night anyway, or just be done with tennis in time to come to work for 8, but I'm still due for a change, and that's what's happened. Effective as of the schedule starting on June 4th, I'll be closing Thursday through to Monday, and then have Tuesday and Wednesday off. Will be nicer once I start getting caught up on things at Heart and Stroke again, but apart from that, it's something different, which I'm sure will be fine once I get used to it. Next week, though... Dad's retirement is sometime next week. It's also his birthday, and to celebrate, we're having an extended family get together here (well, at the house) on Saturday. I asked for that day off a while back, so Tom's closing that night, but for ease of making the schedule or to ensure I still got roughly the same number of hours or something else that currently escapes me, from tonight, I have next Tuesday off, and from there, work through until Saturday. Yay again. Maybe it'll be worth it having a weekend night completely off.

In other news, Thunderbird is being mildly stupid. All the feeds I checked between getting home and going to bed last night are no longer updating on their own, and still refuse to do so when I go back into their properties and tick the "Always check for new items when getting messages for this account". Secondly, I could make a correction to my previous entry. It was not Manoah, but rather Orlando who commented that somebody seemed to be living outside of their means when I told him about Linda owing me money. I don't feel that he meant it in an accusatory way, however, and indeed, he couldn't say very much after yesterday. Last week, I lent him $40 for something or other that I can't remember now, and we agreed that he'd pay me back on either the following Friday or Saturday, since that's when we'd see each other next. When I got to work yesterday, he came back almost right away, saying that if I actually needed it right then, he had the money for me, but otherwise, was wondering if it was alright if he gave it to me next week. Apparently Michelle didn't get money she was expecting or something. I know I have money to get by until then, so I told him that was fine, and went off about my things as usual, but there was that. I was thinking about it on the way home last night, and came up with something I think sounds pretty fair. I recently redid my list of money owed, to be more descriptive, and to be more precise about dates. Next time somebody borrows money from me, I'll also be noting the date they borrowed it on, in case that ever becomes relevant, but until then, it'll be alot easier to keep track of what I'm currently owed. Anyway, my idea is thus. When somebody borrows a reasonably small amount of money from me, I'll ask when I can expect to be paid back, and make a note of that date in my file. Ideally, come that day, they'll come to me, either with the money, or with an explanation of why they can't pay me back then, sort of like Orlando yesterday, and I'll make a note of that date, then ask the same question: when do they expect to pay me back. Then, if they don't have anything for me on the second date, late fees will start to apply (I've yet to figure out exactly how those will work though), until I get some money from them. I'm figuring if it's a large amount, I'll accept any payment more than $20 (but if they're abusing that to just pay me $20 every time, like Tom was before, I might have to say something), and if it's just a small amount, I'll expect the entire thing to be repaid.

Also, in order to make for less stress for me... The thing about lending money lately is how it leaves me with not very much for myself. I always try to take it out of my checking account, because that's responsible, but my checking account is mainly where I'm trying to save money, not to mention where money for whatever I want / need comes from. Therefore, until I'm better off, I'd like to take any money that people need to borrow from my savings account. That incurs a $5 charge each time money is withdrawn / transfered, however, so my figuring is to give them two options. Either they'll pay me that $5 back in addition to whatever they borrowed, or pay 10% of their requested amount on top of that. Mind you, thinking about how that would go now quite fills me with uncertainty, but that's what I've figured so far. Also, *all* the money I'm currently owed, whether it came from my checking or savings account, will be going into my savings account as I get it back. That's part 2 of the above, with the idea being that my checking account will be for *my* money, as that would hopefully be easier to manage.

I should probably go get Jen up now though. Her Mom called a little bit ago, wondering how Conner was doing today (he twisted his ankle or something yesterday, and doesn't want to put any weight on it), and I know she wanted to go out to No Frills to get the stuff to make apparently amazing sandwiches, so... yeah. There's some random updates, and now it's time to get on with the rest of the day~

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