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Only One More Day...

I find myself using the word "nonsense" an awful lot when it comes to things about work lately. I know exactly what I'm actually thinking of - still eight letters, but it starts with a [B] instead - however, I'll just continue on saying and thinking what I have been already, as that's more like me.

Since Thursday, work has just really been getting to me. It doesn't help that I worked ~20 hours between Thursday and Friday alone, but looking back on those two days now, I have but one shift left, and then two whole days to do whatever I please with. Sleep in? That would be really nice. Go out shopping for a few things? Definitely. Have Evo (I really wonder if I could just start using his real name now...) over? So far as I know, we've already got plans for that too. All that sort of stuff still seems just slightly far away though.

See, there was something extra on top of our usual closing duties this weekend - an audit. An announced one, at that, so of course Mary wanted everything to look perfect, and I understand that. On Friday night, we stayed 'til about quarter to five (just guessing) doing some extra cleaning. Saturday kept us 'til five o'clock right on, because we pretty much had to do the same things as the previous night (the audit was planned for Sunday, and you can probably see part of the problem now), but there was also an added bonus. Tom, who was supposed to be done at midnight, stayed another two and a half hours, and I could've just about turned inside out with my seething little ball of unfairly-directed rage by the time he left. I suppose you could say what really mattered was accomplished - extra cleaning got done - so while Orlando and I were walking home, our mindset on the matter was just one of hoping the audit was completely done, and the auditor had already left by the time we got to work. When I went in the next day (Sunday) nothing seemed out of the ordinary, and nobody really said anything to me about how things went, so I assumed that they'd already either been there, or had yet to arrive. I didn't want to ask either way though, for the sake of leaving well enough alone. But then when Orlando came in, he did, of course, and I learned what really happened. The auditor went to some store in Windsor - one which was presumably unprepared for an audit, and didn't even have the GM working that day - and therefore wouldn't be in to see how things were for us until Monday. I'll skip the rest of the detailed rundown, and just say the following for now, while I'm sitting here, still yet to even get ready for work:

#] At no point did we receive any proper "thank you" or acknowledgement for doing extra cleaning. While I was waiting to change into my uniform on Saturday, Mary did ask if we'd been able to get anything done, but otherwise offered no words of appreciation. The one thing I did hear, to be fair, was Chris commenting about how they were just standing, staring at the boards earlier in the day, marveling at how clean they were. That was seriously a five minute job at best - scrub with some degreaser, and wipe dry with paper towel - but if they were actually impressed by that, I'll take it.

#] It's nice, if not an outright requirement for the general manager to be present when an audit is being conducted, yes? Such was the case yesterday, with Mary being there 'til 4 or so, but then they never showed up. I can't blame her for not wanting to come in again on Monday, Orlando has the day off, and Gabby is closing, so who would be the only manager actually there in the morning? Manoah. I suppose that's good, because he's the next best prepared and capable person after Mary, but his attitude toward Orlando and I could've been better. Back at ~5:00 yesterday, he asked both of us if we could please stay and do extra cleaning like we had the past couple nights again "tonight". I thought nothing of it then, but then he and Gabby proceeded to spend a good half hour just relaxing in the office reviewing resumes during suppertime, instead of putting their efforts toward getting some extra cleaning done then. There was and probably is still a leak in the ceiling of the staff bathroom. He pretty much told us to try and get up there and patch it with some duct tape (if that would even work), but we didn't. It was busy enough throughout the day already that it took us a full hour after closing to just get the dishes and everything else done. Even if I wanted to stay and get extra cleaning done yet again, do you think I, or even we are going to want to stay when nobody but us is expected to lift a finger to do so? No. We completed our regular closing duties as best as possible, and while I was busy in the back, Orlando cleaned out an area on mini that was becoming covered with dried nacho cheese, but that's it.

#] Hand-in-hand with the above, staying later on a regular basis would be alright if we knew we were getting paid for it. It already might be the case that we're having time taken off our total hours per pay period for breaks, but there's something else that was revealed to me through this weekend. I'm not sure what it takes to get into overtime, but let's say it's 80 hours. As of last night, I was at 71 hours and fifteen minutes. I worked an ~8 hour shift yesterday, which would change that to 79 hours (assuming I understand the way Mary does payroll), and then at least another 7 hour shift today, which would put me over. I have to think overtime pay is more than our normal wage or something, because here's what she does: takes however much extra time you worked after 80 hours, and adds it to your next pay. So you might already be thinking "What happens if you go into overtime then too?" It just rolls over onto the next one, and will keep doing so until you have enough shorter shifts or extra days off to make up for the extra time. In that case, the extra money would be nice, but shouldn't it be the other way around? Overtime or not, *breaks* or not, you get paid for exactly what you work? For the past good while, I haven't turned down a request to come in early, or in one case, to close on a day off, because Orlando had something come up. "It'll make for more money" I thought. Now, maybe I'm still not getting enough hours to where I'm at the point of being at overtime, but if I was, what would there be to do? On our way home last night, we were discussing just calling in on some shift, or just taking it really easy throughout the night. Orlando came up with a slightly unrelated idea to ask for a week of opens / day shifts, so Manoah could close and get a taste of his own medicine, adding that he would have to ask for me to not close that week either, because same as him, I have to deal with it night after night too. Maybe I should start to keep my clock in and clock out stubs like Tom does, so I can keep track of how many hours I'm working each day. Or maybe I should turn a blind eye to all of that, and just keep doing what I'm doing, for the sake of being happier. My last pay was almost $800, so that's well worth it, right? I'm just getting sick of it again. The money's pretty good, closing is still relatively easy, and I don't mind having to stay later here and there, but this weekend has just been too much of the bad things all at once.

#] Last one here. I'm getting tired of always being put on drive through. I can kind of understand where Tom's coming from now. Thursday, I was on it from 5 - close, which was 1 in the morning. Friday, I was able to wait 'til 10, Saturday, I was able to wait 'til 11, but then Sunday, I was back on from the beginning of my shift to the end again. Customers are still fine, with the exception of coupons, and those are mostly only annoying because there aren't coupon codes set up for the new set that are out now. Dishes, on the other hand, and being the only one that touches them for pretty much the duration of my shift, is something else. They were behind when we closed on Thursday, but Friday and Saturday were better, because Tom washed the majority of them then, but yesterday, when it was not only steady throughout the entire day, but Manoah and Gabby had time to review resumes (only to leave them for Mary, who wouldn't be in on Monday, guys!) on top of everything else they could've been doing is just... dumb. I wanted to write this entry so I could get alot of my frustrations out, and hopefully because of this, I can just focus on how I have the next two days off whenever I find myself frustrated during the night, but even still, I'm just ready to be done.

That should be about it for today though. We need to get the living room ready for Conner, because Jen's having a worker come over at ~3:30, and I need to get everything ready myself for work. One more day? Yes. Can I make it through based on this being my last shift this weekend? That's what I'm going to keep telling myself. The energy drink I intend to have in the walk-in should help as well~

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