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A Start to Things Today

I'm not sure how much time I have to write before Jen gets out of the tub, but nevertheless, I'd like to be able to say a bit about things that have been happening recently before moving onto more productive tasks.

I had a slightly odd dream just before waking up... I was hanging out with a medium-ish group of people just outside the church on Sandys street here, waiting. Probably for our turn to go in, because I remember Dan was right there with me, and we were just casually chatting, but I was getting kind of bored, because we'd been sitting there for a few hours with no change. Just as I was contemplating heading home to spare myself any further boredom, a bunch of people came walking out of the church proper, which I took as a signal that it was our turn to go inside. Cut from there to being in an auditorium with a stage up front. Everybody was sitting on / around the stage, and we must've been waiting for food, because one person walked in a few minutes later carrying a bunch of pizzas. Things were kind of small, with more dough than pizza sauce / topping, but I produced a knife from somewhere, and set to cutting one into large pieces. I was aiming for six, and indeed, when I finished, there should've been six, but the top and bottom pieces (from my perspective) were really really small, and even though I hadn't seen anybody come up, one piece was already gone. Then I woke up, to find Jen still not on the couch, and wandered into the bathroom to discover her laying in the tub. I'm inclined to let her sleep until at least 3 again, if she can manage, but if he keeps it up, Conner's random outbursts are going to cut that short...

Anyway, things that are actually going on...

We got rid of our mattress several nights ago. Wednesday, to be exact. The final straw was going into the bedroom to put some things away, and seeing a new, disturbing development - several bedbugs crawling freely on the wall near the window. The blanket that had been hanging in the window to act as a curtain was promptly removed, and after much deliberation and trying to find the best way to move it, we wrapped the mattress itself in a comforter, and carried the whole lot outside. It does feel like a step in the right direction, because the bedroom is used more for storage than anything else these days as is, and because a majority of the bugs still have to be in the mattress, but that was only the beginning of the work. Since then, I've taken a few hours before work each day to go through everything in that room. Started with the dresser, then the main part of the closet, and now I have to go through the closet shelf, before continuing along to the window, then a little table that's in the corner, all the electronics that are on a bigger table in the next corner, and finally, the large shelf with a bunch of stuff on it. Thus far, we have about three and a half boxes of just stuff to be donated, and... yeah. It's nice to be doing that, because not only is it cleaning the room out so it can be fully vacuumed / steamed / bug dusted, it's also just getting rid of old stuff that's accumulated. I've said it in here at least once before, I'm sure, but my problem about things is exclusively thus: I see something while out shopping that I'll think looks cool, or which I'm sure I'll put to use, buy it, and then either completely forget that I bought it, or not put it to the intended use after all. Jen helpfully offered that there's really nothing wrong with buying things, and inevitably donating most of them when I find I have no space left, but I still feel like I could save more money by just trying to hold back. We'll see. The one difference with getting rid of stuff this time is that I'm hoping to sell some of it online. I bought a set of Necomimi ears a couple years ago, yes? Didn't really care for them about ten minutes after taking them out of the package. I intend to put an auction up on Furbuy, and all I have to do now is take pictures. Hopefully that's successful.

The other thing I want to touch on today is work. So far, this weekend is going alot better than last, which I'm quite thankful for. Keep it a secret, because I don't want anybody there to hear, but I'm considering calling in for my shift on Monday (5 - close, with Mary), so I can have a full day to completely finish going through the bedroom. Problem apart from the obvious with that is I'd feel kind of guilty after learning something on the way home last night. We are hiring right now, for both managers and crew, and for all hours. Mary has ten interviews lined up on Monday afternoon, so it'd be nice to get at least two new people from that. After mentioning that, Orlando told me how Tom is kind of understandably concerned about losing hours once new people start, but added that he feels I shouldn't have to worry about mine. I'm inclined to agree, because new people probably aren't going to be put on closes with just themselves and the manager right away, so that's good. You might be thinking to yourself though, "If they're hiring managers, why haven't they asked you?" I've wondered the same thing many times before, and eventually settled on this conclusion: I haven't been asked because my availability prevents me from opening, because I don't have a vehicle, or because I actually don't do my job properly in some serious, un-overlookable way. Last night, however, Orlando informed me of the actual answer. I have not been promoted because I am - he said in Mary's words - more valuable as a regular crewperson, being the strongest one there. Indeed, were I to become a manager, Tom would either have to step up to full-time closes, or they'd have to train somebody new completely from scratch. Also, Orlando added that on the same subject, the one person he feels should be promoted is the one person he doesn't want to see promoted. I have to think I'd be on full-time closes then, which would take those hours away from him, and neither of us would want that. The final thing he said before the subject changed is that still, if she's going to do that (keep me as regular crew for the sake that I'm more valuable there), she should give me a raise, but I have a feeling that won't happen if I don't ask her directly, and I'm well more inclined to just go with things as they are for now. It is just a nice position to be in, and I definitely like finally having a proper answer.

That will now be all I had to say today, so it's time to go find my camera and take pictures for that auction. I really hope it goes well, because I have some other things I'd like to actually sell off instead of just donating, but we'll see. I have a backup plan, anyway~

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