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Always Check the Power Settings...

I think having really taken to browsing /r/4chan in Thunderbird lately is starting to influence the way my thoughts come together just a bit, because I want to tell this story about recent laptop difficulties this way:

> be me, a couple days ago
> be getting up for the day while Jen's still asleep
> leave laptop on arm rest of couch while getting up, because it's sturdy enough there
> walk out of the room to do something, and just a minute later, hear a crash
> step back into living room to look for the source of the noise and see laptop upside-down on the floor at the end of the couch, with the board it normally sits on sitting on top of it
> look at Jen, who was startled awake by the noise, still half-asleep, with an incredibly concerned look on her face
> consternation.jpg
> "i'm sorry", she whispers
> pick laptop back up, flip it over, set it down again, and open it up to find it's turned off
> push power button, and feel relief as the normal screens come up
> turn back to Jen, who's still whispering "sorry", and tell her it was just an accident, and not to worry
> look back at laptop, which is now displaying a glitchy blue screen
> mfw it looks like something may have actually broken inside the thing
> hold power button until laptop turns off, then turn it back on, waiting for the startup options
> notice windows startup repair is selected by default
> maybe that option was glitched in the first place on this install
> select the normal startup option, and watch, relieved, as windows proceeds to boot as normal
> throughout the next few hours thereafter, notice that lifting the laptop from the lower-left corner the wrong way makes it completely turn off
> later in the afternoon, Jen and her mom are going to do some running around, and I figure I'll tag along to have a look at laptop prices in-store
> Jen finds one that looks really nice, and being me, I just can't turn away
> creditcardswipe.gif
> get told by the store staff that since it's an off-the-shelf unit, they have to wipe the hard drive, and I can pick it up the next day
> disappointed, but what can you do
> go out the next day, stopping at the store with the laptop as only our last stop out at that end of town
> pick up a friend along the way who's coming to hang out for the night
> get home, and waste no time playing with the new laptop
> not familiar with Windows 8, so stumble through the Metro settings until I find the option to update
> update seems kind of screwy. doesn't show any downloading progress, but eventually asks to restart
> figure it'll be fine installing updates on its own, and head out for a special treat
> get back, and find Windows stuck in a boot loop. failure to install updates, revert, restarting. lather, rinse, repeat
> through some combination of mashing F-keys one of the following times it restarts, get Windows to actually properly boot
> friend wants to have a look at laptop, and probably knows more about the problem than I do, so why not
> he manages to fix the problem, and gets things ready to install Windows 8.1
> wired or wireless, download is really slow
> he can't stay all night, so I tell him I can probably figure things out from there. he shows me what needs to be done next, then gives it back to me
> a couple hours later, Jen and I lay down for bed. leave new laptop downloading the update, so it can be done in the morning
> wake up and eagerly head over to check it, only to find that it's gone to sleep
> the download percentage has not changed from last night
> change power options to disable sleep mode when laptop is plugged in, and go back to the installs screen
> download is going alot faster now
> "applying changes"...

...yeah. I like the directness of that style of "writing", but it's certainly different. That about sums up everything up to now though. I'm going to be putting at least half my next pay toward paying for that, and cover the rest with our pay after that, but otherwise, I have a new laptop. Yay. This one's still in decent working order, I guess, but I was notified last night that the reason one of the hinges is kind of funny is because the hinge screw has completely snapped out, and I haven't even looked into why it'll just turn off if handled the wrong way. I anticipate it being at least a month before I've become accustomed to Windows 8 and transferred all the data from this laptop over anyway, so... it'll be a process. I suppose that's something else ongoing to keep me occupied. The bedroom is depressingly empty now that everything's out of there, and for all I know, that could be directly influencing some of the actual emotional state. There are still some things to be boxed yet, sure, but otherwise, it's being used exclusively for storage.

I should probably wrap this up soon though, because the update has just now asked to restart again, so I want to see what happens there. Perhaps the next time I write in here, it'll be from in Windows 8. That would be kind of neat~

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