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If Only it was Thursday...

We closed at 2. Didn't get out of there 'till 4. Reason? Me and Mark were the only ones closing. Jerome was there 'till 2 to help, and before he left, he counted off my till, seeing as I was on drive through, but other than that, it was only the two of us. Not bad I guess, considering. These are the kinds of things that you'd hope Shelia and anyone else who has anything to do with planning the schedule would notice, and thus put more people on for closing, but thus far, that hasn't happened :\

Same thing tomorrow night, except Jessica's done at 2. She'll probably be on drive through as well, so knowing our luck, there'll still be plenty of dishes at the back when we close. Maybe she'll be able to stay, but that all depends on what Mark says.

I have Thursday off though, so even if we're there 'till the same time as tonight, I'll be able to sleep in for as long as I want the following day. Well, to a degree. I'm thinking about actually preordering a game for once. Either Pokémon Pearl or Diamond, believe it or not. Don't say anything~

But for now, it's time to go upstairs. I fully plan on going to Heart and Stroke later on this morning, so I want to be asleep by 6 at latest :p

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