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Another Bunch of Updates

Once again, taking advantage of time I have while Jen's out to write about recent events and whatnot.

I'm getting tired of work. I know, I've said that too many times to count in the past, but lately, it feels kind of different. Day staff - not all day staff, but most of the people who have been there the longest - are just starting to collectively get lazy, and choose to stand around and talk or go outside and smoke when they should be doing actual work, and although nobody else has actually tried, it's generally accepted that they're not going to change. One example that still sticks out in my mind is a story Orlando told me last night. On Tuesday, Tom was in drive through, and had taken a 40+ dollar order. When the customer got up to the window, they informed him that they only had $40. It's slightly annoying when that happens, but fine, just ask the customer what they want to take off until reaching a desired total. I would presume Tom did just that, then informed the people on line (Manoah, Gabby, and Holly, I believe) of the changes. Either Manoah or Gabby then proceeded to irritatedly tell him that if he would "Stop cutting people off", "Repeat the entire order", and "Give the customer their total at the speaker", such incidents could be avoided. According to Orlando, however, Tom had done everything exactly as he should have. I know it's a pretty insignificant example in the end, but little things like that. Another quick thing from just last night could be how Mary stayed 'til 11pm - working a 14 hour shift in the process - because she believes / believed we've been giving out free food at night. It happens, yes. At the end of the night yesterday, Orlando asked if I wanted to make something to eat, and I declined, because all I wanted was the leftover bacon to make supper at home. The point I'm trying to make though is that we're coming back 'round to them being perfect, and everything being the fault of the night people. So far, the only thing that's changed has been Mary closing the dining room last night, but I can't stand working a 5 - close shift, and walking up front for some reason to see all the line (and possibly front cash) people standing in a circle talking.

Another point about work, specifically for me, concerns next week's schedule. It's not finished yet, so what I saw last night is still subject to change, but a new manager has been hired. For the rest of this schedule, she's working lunch shifts, but after that, will be moving to training on closes, with Mary. Sure enough, I'm still in on the nights I would normally close, so we're going to have three people, and after her training period is over, she indeed has a couple closes where it's just her and I. Now, fine. Maybe what I wrote about Orlando telling me that Mary said before is true, and I really am "more valuable" as just crew, but at the moment, I feel like more of just a convenience to have around. "Oh, I'm scheduling you to close on your own, but I'm giving you this other person to close with, and he's been here since Roy knows when, so if you have any questions, he can help!" As an added bonus, on the weekend after that (this schedule was still being figured out with pen and paper, so it's even more subject to change), I might end up having to close with Manoah Friday through Saturday. Is it wrong of me that I like the idea of telling Mary "I refuse"? ~23 hours having to listen to his inane ramblings about how he's god's gift to Taco Bell, and nobody understands what it's like for him... Go back to day shifts where people will actually tolerate you. I can only hope it's really busy those nights. Maybe I really am spoiled from always closing with Orlando nowadays. I don't say this out of spite, but it's nice to work with somebody who has roughly the same standards as you, and won't freak out .2 seconds after something doesn't go their way. I would say I should request a proper amount of time off, or to just not close for a week, but the problem with that is...

Money. I got paid nearly $800 yesterday, and I've already gone through almost all of it. "How?", you ask? Irresponsible spending, for the most part. I owed around $1,700 on my credit card, and that's the last time I intend to allow that to happen for a good long while. Of that amount, about $450 was from buying this new laptop. I knew that was coming way back the last time we got paid, but that was only a fraction of the full amount. ~$20 more came from Jen buying some games from the 3DS eShop, which she paid me back for right away. I took the money and spent it on other things, though. Another $300-$350 was CDs. Yes, CDs. A week or so ago, I discovered a new page with a bunch of Lapfox Trax CDs. A couple days later, I'd decided to go through with buying all of them, which, predictably, was well more than I assumed it would be. As a bonus, UPS decided I should have to pay about $45 in customs fees. Dad paid for those at the time, and I left $40 for him at the house yesterday, adding that if that wasn't enough, he could let me know, and I'd give him the rest next time I / we were over. There are two new CDs up on that page now, and I do want to buy them, but that's not going to happen for a couple weeks. Finally, Jen bought an iPhone. Or rather I bought an iPhone for Jen, and she's going to be paying me back over the next however long. So far as I understand as well, the only reason the phone was so expensive is because she had the account with Koodo set up in her name, therefore the credit check was done on her as well, and because she presumably doesn't have any credit... you can figure the rest out. It is fun to think that if things had been done in my name instead, though, she / I / we would've been able to buy the phone on installments. Alas, it's all done now, and she also decided to go for one year of Applecare and an OtterBox, bringing the total up to ~$900. It is all paid off on my end though. The remainder from my laptop, the cost for the CDs, and Jen's eShop games all came from my checking account. The phone, and related expenses, came from savings, which is now down to a dismal ~$6,400 (keep in mind, she and her mom have almost $5,000 from it), and I'll be damned if I don't want to take my entire next pay, and dump it all right back in there. I should at least start by putting the $100 Orlando gave me last night in my money box, and leaving it right there 'til next time Linda gives me money, so I can go to the bank with a more decent sum.

Getting away from work and personal problems, drama at the house is still going strong. The newest, and indeed most interesting development concerns Naomi's boyfriend, Ty (not sure of the spelling). Everybody has known for a while now that he'd be coming to visit so they could meet each other in person later this month. What Trish sprung on me yesterday, though, comes as quite a surprise. He's not just coming to visit; he's immigrating to Canada (from the states), and moving in! What gets me is how they can have such certain plans, yet Trish and Ericka have been hoping and trying to get approved for immigration for at least a full year now, and still have a little way to go. At any rate, I'm now responsible for sorting through absolutely everything that used to be in what used to be my room, because Ericka (and when they have to head back home, Adam) will be moving in there, and Ty will be taking Adam's room. I hope he likes the cramped quarters, and just... I don't know what to expect. They've literally only communicated online thus far, so while it would be understandable for him to come here (or I suppose for her to go there) to actually meet each other in person, it seems like a hell of a leap for him to be moving in virtually sight unseen. Oh, and I mentioned house drama, right? From what I've gathered, Dad doesn't want Trish and Ericka there any longer than they have to be. He doesn't want them out right away / as soon as possible, per se, but he doesn't want them to get too comfortable either. If that is really the case, how is it fair that he should feel that way toward them, but be fine with Naomi's boyfriend - again, having never even met him before - doing just the same? Interesting times are to come, I'm sure. Hell, we'll be there on the 19th for a last family supper before Trish and Ericka have to go back home (they leave on the 24th, and he arrives on the 25th, coincidentally), and sometime then, I intend to take Naomi and Adam aside and explain that the internet is going up to $20 a month for both of them. Adam's already paying that, and he even knows of my plans, but Naomi doesn't, and if what Trish and Adam have told me says anything, she won't take kindly to having to pay extra, even though money should be the least of her concerns.

With that, though, I'm at the point where I could continue writing if I sat here and thought for long enough, but I won't. There's a pile of dishes in the kitchen that will sadly remain there for probably the entire weekend if I don't do them now, and I need something to busy myself with until Jen gets home. No idea when that will be, but let's see how many I can get done~

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