Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

A Couple Things About Laptops

Last night, I was bored. Boredom led to attempting taking apart my previous laptop to see if I could diagnose some problem with it. Progress was actually fairly steady, considering I didn't have a guide, and looking back now, I'm somewhat impressed with that fact, considering I was down to having the motherboard fully removed and everything. I got to that point without seeing any obvious issues, though, and it didn't make sense to continue on with the separate PCB for just two USB ports, so I started putting it back together. For one, the hinges are incredibly tough to move by hand. For two, electronics such as a laptop come with far too many screws. I started out placing the screws in approximately the same position they'd come from on a piece of paper, and by the time I got to where I decided to not go any further, I had two more pieces of paper laid out. The whole endeavor was apparently for a good cause, anyway. Upon turning the final screw (by which point my fingers were really hurty!), and sliding the battery back in, I was greeted with a still properly-booting laptop, which did not randomly turn off, no matter how I handled it. So that's good, and I'm kind of mentally smacking myself for not just opening it up in the first place, before buying this new one, if the problem(s) could've been fixed by a simple disassembly-reassembly. Especially after last night.

Jen went out in the afternoon to help her mom with cutting her grass. I stayed behind to watch Conner (he was sleeping, so I got the easy job), and that was that. Before she left, however, I made some offhanded comment about how I wanted another Oreo Iced Capp from Tim Hortons. I find they drink the best (does that make sense?) by leaving them to melt slightly for 10~20 minutes, scooping the whipped cream out with a spoon, and drinking the rest straight from the cup. So she went out, and returned a couple hours later carrying a tray with a couple Tim Hortons cups, and a bag which I would shortly learned held fish from Frick's. That was a nice surprise supper, and the fish was tasty, but when I got to my drink (you should be able to guess which kind)... yeah. Trying to take the lid off didn't go so well, and it cracked slightly. In that moment, I had a brief but sudden urge of anxiety where I wondered if the drink spilled on my laptop, because I was holding it right over top of the thing, and the cup had been jostled a bit when the lid cracked off. I couldn't see anything though, and thus breathed a sigh of relief while I went back to what I had been doing. A few moments later, and I moved the cup away to put it on the floor or something, and saw that there was indeed iced capp on the touchpad. Quick wiping it off with a blanket followed, and about an hour later, it just stopped working. At first, I could still move the cursor mostly accurately, but now, about all I can do is tap, provided I rap the touchpad in just the right way. No scrolling or cursor moving or anything. So I'm an idiot. One of the things I wanted to see with taking apart the other laptop is if I could directly access the touchpad. That might at least give me small reason to want to try taking this less-than-a-month old one apart, but no luck. Perhaps it was still removable in some way, but as best as I could tell, it and the top inside cover were all one piece. Great. This laptop could very well be different though, so maybe I will have an attempt at that eventually. In the meantime, I can't be thankful enough that I still have a touchscreen.

Before any of that today though, we have plans for shopping. There are a few things I want to pick up at a handful of different places, and Jen has some schoolwork to attempt dropping off, but for the time being, she's asleep, and I don't intend to wake her up until I'm done writing this. It is already 2 though, so should I just leave this here? Probably, because even at best now, it'll be 3 before we're on our way. Here's hoping the next time I write an entry, I can report a properly-functioning touchpad again...

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