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New Excitement for Today

Let's post an entry for November before the other half of the month goes by and I completely forget about it again, shall we? I'm rather enjoying things currently. A while ago, I installed Tweetdeck and cleaned up my Twitter profile, because searching around led to the conclusion that Twitter would be the easiest way to keep up-to-date with various peoples' activity. Since then, I've kept pretty much to myself, Tweeting some random things that seemed worthwhile, and once, @ mentioning lapfox in hopes of getting an answer on when some CDs would be out, which I still don't know if I did correctly. I'm supporting them on Patreon at $20 a month, though, so I don't see why I have any reservations about sending them a message on there to the same effect. Anyway, I'm also following somebody on there that's related to a specific interest. It's nothing I'm going to discuss in here, because it's just something I don't talk about, but what is exciting is how another individual has been pretty much harassing them since noon hour about how their prices are unfair, and how their dissatisfaction should motivate that other person to change. Up 'til that point I held firmly in mind the old "obvious troll is obvious", but eventually I'd had enough. "Dissatisfied?", I replied. "Don't buy! Or keep trolling. Nobody's choice but yours", which then got two favorites, which I see as a bigger deal than it probably is. I actually look forward to seeing where this goes throughout the rest of the afternoon. No more (or at least less than before) standing up for what I feel is right, then running to hide in face of the anticipated confrontation. Even at work, which brings me to my next point.

Yesterday, there was this year's Christmas parade. Because of that, the time between ~7:30 and ~10:00 was really busy. From the time I started 'til 10, I was on line, steaming, and at one point, a noteworthy series of events occurred. A customer in the dining room, who was waiting for their food, asked for something special to be done with their order that wasn't marked on the board. Even steaming, I heard them, so when Orlando repeated to me what they'd said, I shortly told him "I heard". Candy, who was also on line at the time, then went off about me having an attitude, and I just couldn't have been less bothered. With respect to you as a manager, Candy, it's busy, you know I know what I'm doing, and I don't have the time to wait for other people to tell me stuff when I could just as easily be listening on my own. I brought that up later on in the night when it was just Orlando and I, and he laughed, saying he already knew I'd heard them, then commented about how Candy takes things the wrong way alot of the time. Maybe that isn't so on-point with the end of the previous paragraph, but what I was trying to get at is being assertive, and not just keeping out of it for the sake of avoiding confrontation. I may still not be a manager at work, and I don't see that changing anytime soon, but because of the fact that I've been stepping up and telling other staff what to do instead of waiting for the manager, I've actually had people (Tom, namely) come to me to make sure the dining room person or whomever else stayed on track. And if that constitutes attitude, then so be it. Pardon the profanity, but I'd rather be regarded as a hardass than somebody inconsequential. Moving away from that slightly, the biggest problem last night was actually not the busyness, but rather once again, not having more than three people past 8. Technically, Candy stayed til 8:30 to help on line, and Bonnie stayed 'til 9, but after that, with all the mess and pile of dishes and other things not caught up, who was left to deal with them but Tom, Orlando, and myself. We would've easily been there past 5 (bearing in mind we close at 3 on Friday and Saturday now) if Tom hadn't stayed 2 hours past the end of his shift, and Orlando hadn't taken my headset for about 45 minutes after midnight. And to make matters even better, that was just Friday. There's no telling what tonight will hold, but there's no parade this time, so hopefully it won't be as ridiculous. Even as that is, I'm getting more and more fed up with working there in general lately.

This past week, I had Tuesday and Wednesday off, then worked 7-close on Thursday. Orlando mentioned a new note in drive through an hour or so into the night, and after pointing out exactly where it was, I... suppose I became rather enraged, actually. What it said was that drive thru staff were and would no longer be permitted to linger in drive thru unnecessarily, and that because management weren't about to keep repeating themselves every day, and were in fact even "getting tired" (a direct quote!) of having to do so, staff observed to not be washing up, putting gloves on, and coming to help get orders out would simply silently be written up. Umm, excuse me, Mary, or Manoah, or whoever else came up with that, but no. It does not matter if you are "tired". One of the requirements of your position as management is to keep an eye on your staff, and make sure they're staying on-task. There is absolutely NO allowance for such a lazy, can't-be-bothered attitude, and if you do start writing people up, I'm going to say something. I actually wrote down the store email address, as well as Mike's that same night, because I was intending to write Mary an email when I got home, figuring that would be easier than delaying both Orlando and I so I could write a note, but I decided to sleep on it, and that's where things stand now. I have seriously had it up to here with the double standard that is management being able to do anything they want, and staff not being able to do anything right. Not a week goes by without a night where I consider telling Mary I want to change my availability, or even that I'm leaving to find another job. It used to be that nights were pretty well isolated from the drama that happened on day shifts, but anymore, it's just stupidity and mismanagement that's spilling over and affecting everybody, and that was back when I was getting forty plus hours a week, much less now that Mike's been complaining about me going into overtime too much, and they've been cut by at least 6 a week.


In other, better news, I'm actually pretty well ready for Christmas already at the moment. Fair enough, I will eventually be buying more gifts, but everything that I have so far (save for Ericka's Chromebook) has been wrapped up. The problem? I have hardly any money right now. We get paid next week, from which I have ~$80 to pay on my credit card, $120 to go to Jen for December's rent, and the rest, in all probability, for more gifts. Do I get a bit excitable at Christmastime? Yes, probably, but it's the one time out of the year that I can go all-out, and there's nothing that's going to stop me from doing that.

Adam and I have gotten onto talking in Skype now though, so I think I'll leave this here. Hopefully next time isn't so far away~

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