Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Is It Really Almost Christmas?

I am done. So very, very done. As a matter of fact, the only thing keeping me awake right now is that I was just up to go to the bathroom, and on the way back, turned off the lights and plugged the fan in. Thinking back, I've only been awake since 1:30, so it hasn't been a terribly long day, but the fact that it's been quite full instead of just slow until leaving for work may be what has me feeling tired.

Jen's in the bedroom right now wrapping Christmas presents. I finished the last of mine earlier tonight, and even sorted through all of them to separate the ones that are to be given to her mom tomorrow. Want to see a picture with everything wrapped? Here it is. I remember Christmases before how I would wait until I had all my gifts for everybody bought and collected, so I could take a picture of them all unwrapped, then wrap them all in one night, but seriously, for the 60+ items on that floor, there'd be no chance. Absolutely none. It makes me feel rather bad for Jen's mom, actually, to think about how she still had everything ahead of her to complete by tomorrow. Wrap all of her presents, and get dinner going? I couldn't do it. Kind of amusingly as well, it seems the general consensus this year is that even though Christmas is now only one day away, it doesn't feel like that in the slighest. Mild weather for one, sure, but just general lack of anticipation and build up as well, I think. The 25th will be here, and Christmas will have come and gone, and what will there be to look forward to after that? I really don't know.

My day today has consisted of a good few things. I made a perishable present for Adam and Trish, completely cleaned up the kitchen, finished wrapping presents, went out to Real Canadian Superstore to pick up platters for tomorrow night, and even went out to supper with Adam and Trish, followed by hanging out at the house with them for a little bit afterward. I still would like to take the garbage and recyclables out, and have a shower before actually going to bed, but with the way I feel right now, that isn't likely to happen. Tomorrow, sure, but tonight has been long enough already.

On a different note, I received an unexpected but very much noteworthy phone call earlier. The caller ID said it was Michelle, so I assumed Orlando was calling for something, but was surprised when I answered to hear her on the other end instead. She proceeded to thank me quite profusely for the Christmas presents, saying that Lucas had yet to put down one of the toys I bought for him, and also commented that she'd just put her case of pop in the fridge, and thought that was about the best present ever. Continuing on, she explained that Orlando was busy in the kitchen, but he told her she could use his phone, which turned into a request for money. Heh. Another $120 there, and I've been assured that I can expect it back before the end of the month, not to mention I appreciate Michelle asking me directly, but there situation seems to never make any decent progress. Back to the call though, after I said yes, she got onto asking if, sometime in the next couple weeks, they could have Jen and I over for supper. Quite a surprise indeed! I told her I couldn't see it happening that soon, being the end of the year and such, and we both eventually came to the decision that Orlando and I would talk about it at work, and figure things out eventually that way. Apparently we're supposed to let them know what sorts of food we like. Finally, and perhaps more significant than anything else, she commented that "Orlando said you're pretty much his best friend anyway", which I once again wasn't expecting. Consider that virtually the only time we see each other is when we work together / are on the way home, and you may be able to see where I'm coming from. All in all though, it was definitely the high point of my day, and I definitely look forward to the next time Orlando and I work together. He did come by earlier today to pick up Michelle's money, and we talked for a bit then, but it's different when we're at work. I suppose I'm not used to seeing / hanging out with him outside of that setting.

I believe that will be all though. Jen came out just a few minutes ago, and I told her I'd be laying down for bed when I finished this, and I'm definitely well ready. Just need to set an alarm...

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