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And Now, a General Entry

So it seems LiveJournal started something new recently, if not just today. Invite old friends back, and if they post a single entry - a single character, even - both you and that person will get one month of free paid account time, up to five months. So... yay? Here I thought I'd received a comment, and since I've posted only two entries recently, both of which are still only visible to two people on my friends list, I got rather excited. Oh, and they go on to add that the person who successfully invites the most people back will get a "permanent paid account". So a permanent account. At least I can be satisfied knowing that though my activity has gone from regular to nonexistent in recent years, my status thereto still stands.

That said, what's going on today? I realized that as it's not quite 1pm yet, Thunderbird still has to do its updating for the day, and then I got to thinking that I didn't write anything at all last week, for not being in the mood, so why not fill time today, when I won't be able to look at random stuff like I usually do? Normally, this would be a day off for me as well, so I could be thinking about all the fun stuff I could do afterward, but as it happens, I've taken a shift for Logan today, and thus will be working from 4 - 11. Jen's fast asleep in the tub, having gotten only about three hours of sleep yesterday, Conner is enjoying some chips and juice, and Butters is... somewhere. Probably in the bedroom slowly but surely still digging into my old wood money box. I really need to move that thing.

So money is a thing recently. Up until Tuesday night, I was on track to keeping $500 in my checking account 'til next Thursday. There was a chance of having no choice but to go below that, both for going to get taxes done, and for taking Jen's mom out to Country View for her birthday, which was just back on the first. Things change, though, and sure enough, they changed in such a way that I ended up withdrawing $200 and going out to Dollarama and Walmart on my own. See, Jen had to watch Mikey, and he just so happened to poop. Not a pleasant experience in any case, but cleanup was a bit of a mess, and her resulting frustration and anger and general bad mood made me uncomfortable to where I decided the best thing to do would be to go out for a bit. Apparently she thought I said I was going to the mall, but I actually went all the way out to Walmart, which, considering I haven't walked out there in a while, was really nice. I didn't really have anything specific in mind to buy, but still managed to spend about $150 between both places. Then, I decided to walk home along Orangewood / Sandys, since there was mail at the house for me. Who would randomly pull up alongside me about halfway down but Michelle (as in Orlando and Michelle), who then offered me a ride, and an explanation of why they hadn't been able to give me money earlier in the afternoon, as originally planned. For my own sake, I should start paying more attention to such details, but there's also a big part of me that wants to sit down with both of them, and plainly explain that I don't care about the how and when. I'd rather they just promised to pay me a modest amount of money ($100, for example) on such a date, and made good on that promise, instead of asking to borrow money, and, in Michelle's case, explaining that she'll be getting so much herself at some point within the next week, and can give me a good chunk of that. To put it a different way, I'd rather get a manageable but still decent amount of money on a regular basis, without having to make special plans for it, instead of being told that the government has finally caught up with themselves or whatever and they're going to be getting $600+ soon and plan to give me a good chunk of that. But that's just me.

Also along the lines of money, I still kind of sort of really want to make special plans for next Thursday. For me, it will be the first of three off, and also for me, I've decided that even with other things to happen, I want this Spring / Summer to be one of the ones where I go to London for the day. It seemed so perfect at first, to think that I could go on Thursday, then we could go to supper with Orlando and Michelle on Friday, then I could have Saturday off to do whatever, but then I did go out to Walmart on Tuesday, and confirmed that they did not yet have certain summertime items which I would also like to look at this year (because the full bin I have already is totally not enough), and decided that I would be better off to wait. Perhaps until June or July, since by that point we would be moved, and I could just ask for Wednesday off so as to still have three days in a row, and work it out with Jen that I would go on Tuesday, and just bring things directly there, then go to pick my laptop up at some point later. I really like that idea. It also allows me more time to save money, not to mention there would be a slight chance of actually having Jen come along, and... yeah. It's exciting to think about.

I think that will be all for today though, because I really, really need to head off to the bathroom, but don't want to lose my train of thought. Thunderbird hasn't started to update yet, but oh well. I can watch something on Youtube and eat more of the perogy lasagna we made for supper last night. Hopefully it still tastest as good~

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