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See here. I'm supposed to wait at least 4 weeks for a $20 rebate? Feh. I wasn't even going to bother filling the thing out, until I happened to notice that it expired the day after I took a look at it, so I suppose I'll either get $20, or nothing at all :p

Waiting for 9:00 right now, then I'm off to work. Get done there whenever, then I have to come home and wash dishes here. Yay :s Although this week, I'm not going to break my external hard drive. Maybe it's just coincidence that the other two stopped working (heh) on the days I had to wash dishes as well, but I dunno. We'll find out tonight, I guess :3

And as planned, did go to Heart and Stroke today, although I almost had myself convinced to go back to bed. Woke up at 12. Set my alarm ahead to 12:30, and went back to sleep. Woke up again at 12:30, got up, and sat down in my chair, and got to thinking that Michele didn't really need me in, and that I was way too tired to do anything :x I'm still way too tired to do anything, but that can't be helped :\ Went to Taco Bell for supper, and Jerome said something about how he heard that we didn't get out 'till 4, then he asked me if I slept in today or something. I wish :p But like I said before, I have tomorrow off, and Michele knows that I won't be in, so I'm just going to sleep.

I wouldn't be as tired, had I not got to thinking about various things last night, thereby preventing me from falling asleep 'till 7 or so, so yeah.

Time to get ready~


Have you ever had to volunteer with a lady named Julie?
Yes. She was in today (well, yesterday), I think. I want to say she's the one I gave a tutorial on P2P receipting to, but I don't know :s

Short answer to your question would be "yes" though :3
She's my mother in-law.
Really? Cool :3

I'd like to say more than that, but that's all I can think of at the moment, so yeah :s