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Some guy came through drive through tonight, and ordered 3 double decker tacos. I was cleaning the top of line at the time (it's one of the things that has to be done on Wednesday night), so I finished that, walked down to drive through, washed and sanitized my hands, and went back to make the order. Then out of nowhere Jessica says "The customer wants you to put gloves on when you make his order." I can understand that if there's more than one different item in an order, and the customer is allergic to tomatoes on one of the items (tomatoes, for example), but when it's something like that, where it's three of the same thing, I fail to see the point.

Anyways, I turned my head, to look at the guy, just thinking "WTF?", then went to grab gloves, and came back up to find that he drove off. Then Mark came in to clear the order, and said "I'm going to need to have a talk with you." Said talk was simply "He said you dusted off line, then started to make his food without washing your hands." I explained to him that I had, and he seemed satisfied with that, so whatever :x

Hell, we recently had a note posted at the back about how gloves aren't always the best solution, because when you wear them, you're more likely to keep them on for a period of time without changing them, because as far as you're concerned, your hands are still clean, and that's what matters or something. So I dunno. Maybe he'll call and complain tomorrow, maybe not. Jessica saw me wash my hands, so at least there's one person that can back me up.

So yeah. Tonight started out alright, but then quickly went downhill. Mainly because it was way too warm in there, and I was also (and still am) tired. What's more, at 2, I went back to the bathroom to get my own music going (on my PSP), only to find that I left my headphones at home. Wonderful.

Thankfully, Jessica stayed to close, which is good, because if she hadn't we might still very well be there right now :s So right now, I have a day off tomorrow, then I'm back on Friday, from 10 to close. Bleh. I suppose the one good thing about that is we'll have more people on that night. That's about it though.

But for now, I should probably get into the kitchen to wash the dishes. I'm about ready to fall asleep just sitting here, and I don't want to just yet :p

Oh, and on a completely random note, I really (really) hope it starts raining either within the next few hours or tomorrow. It's warm and wet enough out there, so...

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