Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Just... Can't...

I simply... don't know what to make of these...

Going back a couple entries, I mentioned the Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage DVD series that my dad loaned me, and more or less said that I found them really worthwhile to watch. Since then, I've been relying on various LPs of Megaman Battle Network games for background noise while working on whatever, because I had nothing similar to watch. Today, though...

Mom brought down what looked like another, larger set of DVDs. They're in the same sized cases, and from afar, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference, but as it turns out they're CDs. Two per case for some, and one per case for others, and two boxes are missing, still being loaned out to somebody, but just looking at the cases, I can't even. Mom said they blew her mind listening to them, so I can rightly expect the same, but let's see here... On the left is the title on the case, and on the right, a little blurb they give in the upper-right corner of the front:

God's Existence Contains logical, mathematical, and scientific evidence for the existence of God
Ghosts, UFOs, & The Paranormal Contains answers to 10 common and popular practices and exposes their danger
Homosexuality Contains the 10 best answers to the 10 biggest "pro-homosexual" arguments * 1
Resurrection Contains logical and historical evidence that Jesus did, in fact, physically rise from the dead * 2
Young Earth Contains scientific evidence that the Earth can not be billions of years old * 3
Mormonism & Jehova's Witness Contains evidence refuting the claims of Mormonism & Jehova's Witness
Dinosaurs Contains examples of dinosaurs in the Bible and living with humans according to science and actual historical evidence * 4
America's Christian Heritage Contains the evidence and historical documentation proving America has historically promoted Christianity * 5
The Bible is True Contains the 10 best logical, historical and scientific arguments the Bible is true
Abortion Contains the 10 best answers to the 10 biggest "pro choice" arguments
Christianity: Only True Religion Contains a comparison between Christianity and all other faiths

* 1 lel
* 2 double lel
* 3 oh come on now. you need to take your medication
* 4 my wit is no longer. all that remains is despair. despair and dinosaurs
* 5 sounds reasonable and plausible enough on the surface. maybe a Titanic-iceberg situation?

...I'm dying to know what the missing two are...

Sound a little difficult to believe? Just look at the website! As of now though, I'm even more aghast at the fact that the 14-disc set - the one mom and dad own - costs a whopping hundred and sixty-nine dollars. $169.00!! Oh, but that's the sale price, compared to $250.00, and you get free shipping, which I guess is cool. Too bad you still have to pay so freaking much to hear one or more people tell you what they believe, "prove" it (I use that word very loosely), and get into your head about why you should believe what they do.

I should apologize. With all respect to different religions, and different people believing different things, the topic is something that hardly ever came up when Jen and I were together, and before I moved back home. Now that I'm here again, mom especially seems to be trying to get me to convert, but unless these CDs are meant to entice you in with provocative headlines, only to knock you around a bit with real, solid evidence, I fail to see what I'm supposed to get from them other than a laugh. Then again, we have her feelings too. She wants me to accept jesus, because then, no matter what happens, we'd all be together in heaven one day, and she'd have the considerable peace of mind of me being back on the "right track", but I just... can't. Maybe I'm not at that point in my life now, and maybe I'll never be, but I sincerely (three different text decorations!) wish I could send Jen a message in Skype right now, and we could talk about these CDs. I may make a project of ripping them though, so they can be something to tell her about from these two months.

Know what they vaguely remind me of as well? Mr. Gene Ray, otherwise known as the Time Cube guy.

...so other, non-crazy things?

It's still mildly crazy, but I received a copyright claim on behalf of "CEG TEK International" from TekSavvy today, and OHHHH, BALLS. I NEVER SET A PASSWORD FOR THE NEW WIRELESS CONNECTION ONCE IT STARTED WORKING. I SHOULD POSSIBLY DO THAT.

...heh. I wonder if that's why? Anyway, assuming the claim is legitimate, somebody using our internet connection downloaded a file via Bittorrent titled "RealExGirlfriends - Brooke Wylde - Horny Headphones NEW (PornPros Sep 27, 2014) NEW.mp4". I'm honestly a little curious how the "headphones" part makes a difference, but I care not to go looking.

Today is also Father's Day, though so far as I know, we don't have any really special plans. I washed the dishes earlier so Dad wouldn't have to do them, as well as I plan to make biscuits to go with supper later on this afternoon, I have a card for him that I just bought yesterday, and finally, I intend to wash the supper dishes too, because I feel bad for not having more. Today's also the day that Adam leaves for Wisconsin, for a week, I believe, and then the rest of the night will just be normal.

Yesterday, apart from usual things, I went for a walk out to the Dollarama by Canadian Tire, which didn't have everything that I wanted, so I went over to the one in the mall instead, and got home in pretty decent time. I'm not sure of the exact distance I walked, but overall, it only took about an hour and fifteen minutes, which is pretty decent. It was really nice to get out and be able to stretch my legs instead of walking with somebody else, slowly, too.

...I'm now starting to get distracted by other things though, which, as always, means I'll end this here. Next time: why these Top 10 Proofs CDs are subjective at best, and how my brain felt listening to them...

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