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Just Some Random Things

Have been home from work for about half an hour now.

Normally I have Thursdays off, but I offered to work 5 - 8 since Michelle couldn't make it in, and did some running around before and afterward. Before, I went to Family Service Kent, to pick up an intake form, and to Dollarama in the mall. From there, I walked to work the same route I used to take, when Jen and I lived together at the apartment, and it was really... nostalgic. Somewhat in a bad way, because I was considering how most of my last memories were of stressful situations, related to moving, but mostly in a good way, because I did remind myself that there were a lot of good, positive, heart-warming memories buried under the stress, and it was honestly just really nice to remember all the times walking that way. I really, truly, want to do that more often. When I have money, and need something up that way, go to Dollarama in the mall before work, and then head off on my way from there as I used to. It's also cool how Family Service Kent is right there, not five minutes down the street from the apartment building. The walk doesn't take me right by the place, and indeed, that may be preferable, because I'd rather my last memory of it be when we went for the move-out inspection, and chatted with the ladies outside, and everything was fun and positive, but it's still right there.

To whisper something, just to myself, I'm almost enamored with the idea of considering that building when it comes to finding a place of my own. Then again, within a couple months, I will no longer be employed by the same place that has kept me on as staff for almost ten years, and the route I would have to take to work, wherever that may be, might change. Still, the area is nice, the building is nice, the people are nice, and things seem to be just so conveniently located. In an amusing way, I can only imagine Jen rolling her eyes and questioning my motives when I tell her that, or when she reads this. But that's okay too.

So back to work, I ended up working from 4 - 8, then went to Dollar Tree, then stopped by work again for some food on the way home, and that was that. Overall, between Dollarama and Dollar Tree, I spent ~$35. Almost the last of the cash that I have, minus the $50 Adam gave me when I got home, which is being put into savings. Speaking of savings, I legitimately want to start storing money I actually want to save in my enclosure in the back yard. Probably in the bin with my wolf, because that's easily accessible. I still have about $30 in the bank, but I want that to remain untouched until payday, and I also owe ~$80 on my credit card, which I'm intending to take care of once I get paid too.

Enter coming home. Remove shirt due to being hot and sweaty, plop down on the couch, open laptop, check emails, and lo and behold...

Sender: Puffy Paws
Subject: Shipping BUNNY_NSXIR

I hadn't forgotten about it, but lovely. I now have to put another $84.34 USD on my card to see that paid for, and eventually end up with an item that's going to be put directly into storage and left there for as long as I live here. It wasn't until after we moved out of the apartment that I even opened up my wolf, and that was just because the upstairs of Jen's house was open, and could accommodate it. Pff... At least I can be glad I declined to purchase a husky, though comparing the two, I'd rather have had that than the bunny... Next such item of potential interest: the zenith, if and when those are manufactured again, and otherwise, I think I'll stick to things canine and feline, which I'm not going to learn of unless I start using Thunderbird and / or Tweetdeck again.

Isn't it fun? I know it's kind of cringe-worthy in and of itself to lampshade it, but I'd have never been comfortable enough before to talk about having purchased a large, inflatable bunny. Or a wolf. Now, however, I feel more judged - in my own mind - for having to put myself into temporary debt to pay the shipping charges.

I think that's about all there is to be said for now though. There are a couple things I want to start working on for Jen, that will be finished in the night, if possible, and then I'm going to try not to get ahead of myself, and ruin things for tomorrow morning. I've gone through a couple things now as distractions while working on Flight Rising. LPs of various games, AGDQ / SGDQ videos, Hotel Hell / Kitchen Nightmares episodes, and now, as of just today, narrated "What's the scariest thing that's ever happened to you?" stories from /r/askreddit. It's perfect. I used to enjoy sitting and reading those stories at length before, but to hear somebody else read them, and have it to balance out a monotonous, repetitive activity is just perfect. Oh, and for something that previously would have meant absolutely nothing to me: Thundercrack Carnivale begins this Sunday! And I'll be able to breed my dragons again, and probably end up with more exalt fodder. Yay!

Now onto other things...

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