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I like these songs as well :3 This one (along with the other three) came from Desktopography. I just got to looking at that site last night, happened to really like the first song (Lonely in Paradise), so I reinstalled Audacity on the storage partition, and wasted about an hour trying to find the loudest volume I could record them at without them being distorted :s I'm considering downloading (or recording, if necessary) the songs available here, as well :p

So (obviously) nothing went on involving going to Josh's house tonight. Although in my defense, he never called to see if I was on my way or not, so he may very well have noticed that I didn't seem to be too excited about it. Meh. I'm sure something something'll be said about it at work tomorrow :s

Yay (for) brackets~

And so much for rain. It was pretty nice out today (although slightly on the humid side), which I suppose is alright, but since last night, it really felt like it was going to, so yeah. Maybe tomorrow, I guess. Just so long as it isn't as hot as it was on Wednesday :\ And if it is, I'm definitely gong to be taking a break every so often. Up 'till now I've gone without simply going outside for 5 minutes every hour of so, but with how hot it's been in there lately, it'll really help.

The one really interesting thing involving work is something I noticed when I was getting some food earlier on today. Megan's back. Or at least she was steaming, and in uniform. Same thing with someone I've seen there before, except they were only there to order food. So it'd good, if anything at all, to see they're hiring more people now that summer's on it's way. Megan's fun to work with as well. So for once, I'm looking forward to walking in there tomorrow night, to be able to go back and look at the schedule to see who's back, and who's new. We still need more closers, but it remains to be seen whether they did anything about that or not :p

So right now, I need to go upstairs sometime soon to grab my uniform (it needs to be washed), and while I'm up there, I might as well grab Cooking Mama, because that's one of the main reasons I didn't want to go to Josh's house tonight, and here I am, having not even opened it yet :x Anyways, aside from that, I just need to (preferably) be in bed by 4, because I'm going to Heart and Stroke tomorrow, and I want to get a decent sleep this time :3

And now, it's time to go get that stuff.

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