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Karadur Inacu 

I Work Too Much

That was a fairly productive better part of an hour, and I had every intention of writing this afterward, but now that I'm actually sitting in bed comfortably, I find myself with not quite as much energy as I did before. That said, it's been forever since I wrote an entry in here, and even if it's mostly concerning one particular topic, that's still alright. That being said, the topic this time is work, because apparently I spend almost all of my time there anymore these days, and so I have alot to say about it.

Tonight marked the last of eight closes in a row for me, and as much as it might make sense to think I was tired from the past week, it was actually one of the best nights out of them all, if not the best. I can't count the number of times whatever task I was engaged in caused me to start sweating profusely, but I'm all nice and showered now, and I've already got laundry gathered for tomorrow, and it wouldn't have been the same any other way. I also avoided line for virtually the entire night, helping only to bag a couple orders at the beginning of the night, and that was quite nice too, but overall, most of the satisfaction came from just being able to get alot of stuff done toward helping us get out in good time, and having it pay off in the end. We were out the door at ~3:40, which is one of the quickest closes we've had yet, and, well, for my interest of nothing else, let's have a list of all the stuff I did from 8 - close:

:: Did most of the pulling and rotating of food, including stocking up the tort shelf, and re-stocking the walk-in with torts, involving several back and forth trips to / from the freezer and walk-in

:: Apparently did backups willingly for a couple hours, even though I'm not fond of that position normally, and while there, cleaned one of the thermalizers, and put delimer in the other one, to remove the lime scale that was starting to build up on the heating elements

:: Cleaned the dining room in almost an hour and a half. I say "almost" because I got everything else done and was about halfway through mopping, when some part of me decided the mop water didn't belong in the bucket anymore, and accidentally tipped the pail over. Wasn't too bad to clean up, but if that water had feelings, they would have been hurt over the event, because I recall telling it to "screw off"

:: Took over drive thru for half an hour so Tom could go on break, and in that half hour, filtered one fryer, and got about halfway through filtering the other one

:: Cleaned and restocked the fry freezer, involving six or seven back and forth trips to the freezer since I could only grab one case of fries at a time

:: Cleaned the grill on the front cash line

:: Swept and deck scrubbed the entire floor in the back, excluding the dishwashing area, since dishes were still being washed there at the time, then took a nice break in the freezer since I was just dripping by the time I was done

:: Cleaned cold line early, even though Orlando and I had previously decided that Edward (a new guy) would clean it. During this time, everybody else (Orlando, Edward, Jeremy, and Tom) went outside and decided to have a sit down, leaving me the only one actually doing any work

:: Counted the drive thru till off early, in hopes that we wouldn't get any more customers. We didn't, but to do so, I first had to go outside and get Orlando's keys. He told me to come sit down with them for a few minutes, and I declined, and it stuck in my mind for a bit as a thing that I was the only one in there still working

:: Cleaned the remaining two grills after we'd closed. As I was finishing the first one, Orlando told me I could go home when they were clean, so early, because I'd done enough work within the night. That just turned into me figuring that because of how ahead we were, I might as well stay 'til everybody else was done. Also, for the fact that it was my eighth and final night, it really wouldn't have felt right to go home early...

I feel sorry for Taramya, because Shawn concluded that it would be a good idea to schedule her to work 5 - close tomorrow (5pm 'til 3am, plus time for cleaning up), but her aside, I just wish I could be there to see the state of things tomorrow. It's presumptuous to think that they'll be entirely screwed over, but I can't help seeing things go less smoothly than they did tonight, and I just know that Tom will tell Gabby that we got out in 40 minutes tonight, which I also imagine would make it less nice if they do end up being as busy as it was for us.

As for me? Tomorrow is the day I've been waiting for the better part of the past week for. Technically, there's been nothing to stop me, but I've been avoiding doing laundry and taking the garbage out since I didn't have a day off before now, and I can finally do all of that. Then Jen and I have plans for her to come here for a bit, from where we'll be heading to Glitters for supper, and I'm not sure what else after that.

...and now I have a dilemma...

I want to keep writing, because I don't want to have just written about work, but at the same time, it's 5:40 in the morning, and I'd like to be up for 1pm to start getting going on laundry and such else.

...I suppose it wouldn't hurt to lay down, huh?

The fact that I feel like I'm getting more and more tired now would seem to agree with that...

...I guess it's time for bed~

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