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It's Been a Busy [period of time]

I haven't written an entry in a year and three months? That really sucks. I don't even know if this one will pan out. but I feel like the past couple days have been distinctly more interesting for me than normal, and my trying to share with people has not elicited the reaction I was hoping for, so I'm going to document as much of events as I can remember here, for posterity and all that.

We begin at ~3pm on Thursday, September 21st. This is when I wake up, roll out of bed, slowly exercise and eventually have cereal, and then figure out something to until it's time to leave for work, at ~10:20. My main relevant activity for the afternoon was making a list of groceries I wanted from Food Basics, as they had a lot of stuff for really cheap starting in their new flyer. Plans are to go out and get everything sometime Friday, since I have the night off with no other plans, but for the rest of Thursday, I largely just relax, try to be a little bit productive, and eventually make it to where I have to start getting ready for work.

The walk there was much cooler compared to the obnoxious humidity of the afternoon, and after making a stop at the bank, I went and got started with the night's tasks. Frying, specifically, because I had so much to do that I needed to start right away. From ~11:15pm to ~3:45am, I fried. I don't slack. It's insane, but still extremely satisfying to finally be all done with, and to step away and just take a moment.

Colin - one of the other overnight people, who's quickly becoming a friend - was there to do the cleaning and other prep that I wasn't able to get to, and we both managed to be pretty well caught up by ~4:30. Just enough time for a bit of a break before the delivery. Because that's also a thing on Thursdays. And, due to being out of certain things for the other prep, I offered to get started putting everything away on my own while he finished off with that other stuff. I put 90% of it away before he was done, and the energy / awake-ness that I was starting to feel again pretty well cemented other plans in my mind. As for the rest of work, we swept and scrubbed the floors, managed to delay long be thorough enough that we could write down that we left at 7. Before we stepped outside, I strapped the ankle weights that Jen's mom gave me on, we tossed garbage out, I stashed my uniform bag in beside the dumpster, and that was that.

Normally, and obviously, I'd just head home from there, and have a little bit of wind-down time before calling it a night. Previously mentioned plans changed that, however. Instead, I set out in the opposite direction, in the direction of Walmart, with all the speed and effort I could muster. The sky was still a light dark grey, if that makes sense, and I found myself thinking that by the time I was on my way back into town, the sun would be up, and it'd be all obnoxiously warm again. Onward I went, alongside the surprisingly busy early-morning traffic, further and further outward to not Walmart, but Real Canadian Superstore. You see, I got this idea a couple days prior that I would walk out to one of those places after work Thursday, pick up a lasagna and garlic bread, and have that for special supper Friday night. I ultimately came away with two lasagnas, because they were only $6, and the last loaf of garlic bread. Or maybe even the first. I could've spent quite a lot more money out there too, but I had none to spare, and that's probably for the best as I had only one bag to carry things home in. I went up to the checkout, paid, and just as quickly was on my way back in the other direction.

Note here that I left at ~7am, and the time on the receipt from Real Canadian Superstore was ~7:30, so I had only half an hour if I was going to make it home and call Jen for 8, which was my goal.

It was alot warmer, and so I ended up becoming a lot more sweaty by the time I made it back to work, and was able to collect my bag. Shawn's vehicle was there, and I thought he might at least see / hear me opening the gate, but there was no such occurrence, and I was able to once again continue on my walk. I tried to think that it was at least the same as just walking home from work then, but still, with the humidity, and already having walked from Real Canadian Superstore, and having two bags to carry instead of just one, and pushing myself to try and make it home on time, I was pretty well drenched. All for lasagna, but it was worth it to go out and do that something different anyway.

I make it back home for 8:01, which I'm pretty pleased with. Called Jen, talked for just a couple minutes, put things away, and started to get ready to take a shower.

I can't remember exactly what I did from there, but I found myself sitting on my bed in front of my TV just as I am now, down to wearing just a single sock, and still being pretty wet, when I noticed that I was still feeling particularly alert and energetic. I would eventually attribute that to adrenalin, possibly, or my body not being satisfied with how far I'd walked so far, since it had been a while since I was able to go for a proper long walk.

My solution? Get dressed again - different shirt, but unfortunately still the same sweat-soaked shorts and damp pants - get my collapsible shopping cart ready with a couple boxes and bags, make sure I had the grocery list I'd written down the afternoon before, and head out to Food Basics. Obviously.

It was 8:30 when I left, and other than stopping at the bank to get more money, I feel like I made good time walking out there. It was quite a lot sunnier though, and it wouldn't be too far into my walk that my shirt would start to develop a dark spot again. I'm not sure what time it was when I made it to Food Basics, but after almost forgetting to grab a proper shopping cart, I went in and set about going through my list. I was immediately pleased with at least having made it out there, since that way I could take advantage of the sale right at the beginning of the day, and it was an... interesting time. I could attempt to write a list of what I bought, but I'll leave that until the end of this entry if anything. I spent ~$90 at any rate, and filled up both boxes as well as one and a half of the bags I'd brought from home. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find the chocolate chips I wanted there. It would be the one time I want to get a whole bunch of other stuff, they'd be out of the small packages (and there was no way I was paying $9 for a big one), but I figured there must be somewhere else I could get them from instead, at a later date.

...if carrying lasagnas a garlic bread seemed difficult at the time, I had no idea. After not even 30 seconds of considering indulging in a couple sausage McMuffins from McDonalds, I was back on my way, sweating even worse than I'd been when I finally made it home before, so much that it continued for a good ten minutes after I managed to get everything back upstairs. By that time, I'd gotten far enough into getting home to have my air conditioner turned on, and have had the chance to catch my breath. But then I was able to get to the fun part at long, long last: putting everything away. I don't know if it's because I've been relatively low on food for the past little bit, or if there's just something satisfying about having a well stocked fridge / freezer (and deep freezer too), but being able to put everything away, and see these full spaces that were previously empty before is really nice. It was also definitely satisfying to organize my fridge / freezer again, because they've been getting more and more messy.

And no, nothing more strenuous came after that. I finished up putting things away by ~10:30, showered, got comfortable and watched videos on Youtube for a little bit, and laid down. The critical part of me wants to say that being awake from 3pm 'til 11am isn't all that much, because it's not even 24 hours, but to have put in a full night's work, gone for a walk all the way out to Real Canadian Superstore and back home then another walk out to Food Basics and back home feels like alot to have done, and under such circumstances.

I slept from ~11 'til 4:30, which was awkward already because it was daylight, and getting progressively warmer outside, and then I got woken up by the phone sometime around 3. It was none other than Orlando, and in my groggy half-sleep, I told him I'd figure something out, and talk to him later, but that I was going back to sleep for now. I was expecting his call to be fair, but not then.


It's 5:30 right now. I started writing this at ~4:30, and I'm pretty tired, but I have this determination as well. If I don't finish writing this, I'm never going to get back to it, and I want to. It also feels a little ridiculous that for as much as I've typed, there's still more to say, but we're nearing the end now.

As previously stated, I woke up around 4:30 in the afternoon, had a bowl of cereal pretty well immediately because I was so hungry, and sat back to think about the afternoon's additional tasks. I had some money to give to Mom towards Thanksgiving, as well as some stuff to pick up from them, and oh, Dad somehow managed to change the language on his printer to something entirely foreign, and he needed my help to change it back. I also had to go up to Orlando and Michelle's place briefly, but before 8, because Orlando had to work. I decided to just get things done right away instead of sitting around, and so after another quick call with Jen, I was headed back out once more.

Oh, right. While we were on the phone, I decided to back to Food Basics since I already had to walk to Orlando's, and try again for chocolate chips, and maybe some $1 cake mix since they had a couple varieties I've never seen before. Third time in the same general time period. I slept for a whole five hours in between even. I really must hate my body or something. Or more like I enjoy pushing it, sometimes to questionable limits.

I walked, for the last time, out to see Orlando, and then Michelle and Lucas as well, since they were all at home. Michelle told me about the same lasagnas I'd previously bought from Real Canadian Superstore, which I found kind of amusing, and I was delayed chatting with Orlando for only a little bit longer before being back on my way once again. My return trip to Food Basics was almost pointless, as there was still no sign of the small bag of chocolate chips I was after. I was about to give up once again, but I decided to just buy the big bag, since I wasn't about to walk away empty-handed a second time. Along with that, I also came away with another brick of cheese, and three baguettes, because I apparently really really need bread, and I want to make a list of everything I bought as tired as I am, just to epitomize that fact.

After Food Basics was Mom and Dad's place, where fixing the printer was a simple-yet-confusing matter of checking all the menu options until finding the one to change the language. Then Dad sprung another problem with me, wherein his iPad was printing with the wrong margins from Notes. Although if I think about it now, I wonder if just holding the tablet upright instead of sideways would work. I've spent so much time just trying to help him print to his new wireless printer from that thing that I got pretty frustrated in short order. On top of that, they also offered me some homemade spaghetti and meatballs, which I feel kind of bad for taking home with me instead of staying to eat. That'll be food for another day yet though, and for the circumstances of the day and the day before that, I think I can be allowed to just want to go home this time.

...and I think that's about all. Once back at home, I put things away, showered, and got comfy with more Youtube videos for a solid couple hours. Sure, it's a waste of time, but I deserved it after everything I'd done.

So that's my long day and a bit. I definitely won't be going out and doing all the same things next week - in fact, if I write another entry anytime soon, I'll probably complain about not having enough for Christmas presents - but as far as everything that's happened, I still had a lot of fun and am quite happy with everything I bought and did. It's also interesting to note how both Walmart and Real Canadian Superstore open at 7. Maybe the next time I need to do some proper shopping out at that end of the city, I can plan to go after work, and try to have some fun with it once again.

For now though, it's after 6, and much as I would like to keep writing, I do need to go to bed. As far as I know, Jen and I still have plans for tomorrow, we're supposed to be having a games night with Adam and Trish later on in the evening, and if possible, I'd like to have a couple more hours to devote to collecting the last of the Korok Seeds in Breath of the Wild.

We'll also see if I'm able to scrounge up another entry sometime soon. Maybe one that's less "Here's what I did in detail", and more "Here's what's been going on lately, and where I'm headed for now".

Oh, and I said I'd include a grocery list, didn't I? Much as I question this idea now that I've made the list, I didn't write everything down for nothing, so let's see:

:: 2 meat lasagnas
:: Garlic bread

:: 2 small tubs of margarine (to be used for baking)
:: Monterey Jack cheese (with jalapenos so fancy)
:: Marble cheese
:: Swiss cheese
:: Pepperoni (for grilled cheese sandwiches Jen gave me the idea)
:: 2 dozen eggs (at least 1 dozen just for banana bread)
:: 3 energy drinks
:: 6 cartons chocolate milk (I may go back for more yet)
:: Bacon & cheese-stuffed chicken
:: Ham & Swiss-stuffed chicken
:: 6 small tubs of ice cream (3 Smarties, 3 Rolo)
:: 3 loaves of white bread
:: 4 packages of crumpets
:: 2 packages of English muffins
:: 4 small loaves of garlic bread
:: 2 cans Heinz original beans (for beans on toast because that sounds amazing)
:: 2 cans Heinz maple beans (see above)
:: 1 can Heinz chili-style beans (see above above but uncertain because chili-style)

:: Mozzarella cheese
:: $9 bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips (for banana bread so can justify)
:: 3 individual white baguettes

It really should be time for bed now though. Like, really really. The afternoon is still going to be here mighty quick, and unlike before, I don't think my body would be alright with just five hours of sleep.

Until next time, this has been a weird LiveJournal entry. Goodnight.

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