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About After-Work Activities

I figured it out.

I went on a long walk home from work tonight. 13.5km in roughly two hours (I left at ~2am, and got home at ~4:10), with ankle weights, and with a fairly heavy bag of things. Google Maps link because I don't have the picture saved, and it'd take too long to do that right now.

Points of note:

:: After a while (at about the half-way mark), my arm really started to hurt from the weight of my bag, and I considered switching many times, but I held on all the way through. It's still sore now, but that's to be expected if anything. Also: it may be sore, but the satisfaction of having persevered is worth it

:: Similarly, at about the same point as above, the weight on my left ankle really started digging in for whatever reason, and led to some pretty constant pain. By that point, I was focused just on keeping my pace, and I couldn't even say where my mind was wandering to now, but between the two, it was enough

:: This image (found while looking through my old uploaded pictures here) is cute in retrospect. 6.7km? omg so long how did I even manage? What's interesting though is how I walked twice the distance tonight, but my speed remained the same. I feel like I've gotten faster over time, but maybe I was faster than I thought I was before

:: I did get stopped by one cop. Down on Lacroix, in between Richmond and Park Ave, I was asked a few questions, and continued on my way. The fact of why I got stopped is that I must have looked odd, as I decided to go out with tail and ears. First time in... ~2 years? But it was fun, and I could see doing the same the next time I go for a long walk (ps the next time I plan to go is Saturday after work to get some McDonalds breakfast because I'm working 7 days in a row)

Now we break out of bullet-lists (darn I like those), because I feel the above deserves at least a little expanding on.

At the same time, I don't know that there's a whole lot to say.

I conceived of the idea Friday morning of last week, when I was on my way to Food Basics after already having been to Real Canadian Superstore. My figuring was that long walks are in a sense my chance to go out and have fun doing something that I don't get to do very often, on my own personal time. In the past, one of the reasons I stopped wearing them was because I was out of work at the time, and I thought continuing to go out like that would harm my chances of finding a new job. I don't know.

Anyway, work and other job things aside (that is an entirely different entry that I definitely don't have time for right now), I concluded that long walks were my personal time, and that I could do whatever I wanted to (including wearing ears and tail) for them.

The best part is both Steph and Michelle were entirely unfazed when I stepped out of the back door. Michelle had this big smile on her face, and Steph said "I love Ben", which was at least the third time for the night.

But yeah.

I even wore the brand new ears that I got for free from I can't remember who, because my old ones were beyond repair (unless Canadian Tire sells acetone, and it'll dissolve the superglue but not the headband), and also really quite dirty. I suppose I never properly washed them before, because I was too worried about damaging them to try anything. Oh well.

It just sucks that Shawn - who previously told me very specifically that I would be working both closes and overnights now, so I could continue to get my hours - has me on for an entire schedule's worth of overnights.

...and I could go on...

Do I want a work rant? Sure, why not.

My shift tonight was 5 - close. 5pm 'til ~1:30am, right? I was scheduled for the same thing last night, and Michelle (as in overnights Michelle) was supposed to work 12 midnight 'til 6am. She called at 10:30. Lucas had thrown up everywhere, and she had to take him to the hospital. Right.

So she did, and suddenly we had no overnight, person, meaning we had to do a full close ourselves, for the first time since overnights have started. Including frying and other prep and things being behind in general. We left at 2:30, and fine, alright. One night's not so bad, is it?

Before I even walked to the back of the store tonight, Steph was calling for me, and said she "hated to be the bearer of bad news", and that Shawn had canceled both Colin and Michelle's shifts, because they weren't busy at the beginning of the day. Really? Honestly and truly? The two and only two days that I'm actually scheduled for a normal closing shift (so far), we have to stay and do everything?

And as I said above, from Tuesday until Saturday this week, I'm working overnight shifts. Apparently Shawn was going to do the same thing for Tuesday as well, and then I'd suddenly be down 8 hours. I mean, I know I'm just as much at fault for continuing to put up with it, but the first time it does happen (if / when), I'm going to be arranging as early a time as possible to talk to him about it. It's also so very much like him to have me on five overnights in a row, and then seemingly start having second thoughts toward the shifts on a whole.

That aside, the night went relatively smoothly, with exception for Steph pushing just about all of my buttons throughout the nine hours. I'm glad Orlando is back tomorrow.

I feel like I could still go on, but it's almost 6:30 again...

It may be worth noting that we even went to the beach earlier today. I woke up at 10am, and by noon, Mom, Dad, Jen and I were all out taking in the sun We went in the water for a bit, which was fun, then sat on the beach and collected glass for Mom. Normally we take our own findings home, but my jar is almost full now, and unless I find a big piece, or one in an unusual color, it's just not worth it to have to bring them home and all.

Also, laziness, but Mom didn't seem to mind.

Tomorrow is going to be busy though, so I should probably end this here. I'll be making two cheesecakes for Tom, doing laundry, continuing to download TV show episodes toward getting ready for Christmas, working on DVD menus (I can't remember if I've mentioned those in here before but oh boy don't get me started), having spaghetti and meatballs from Mom and Dad for supper before I get in trouble for letting them go bad, and finally starting on a general tidy-up, because Mom is planning to bring Callie over on Friday so they can spray their house for fleas. Alas, she'll probably just hide out somewhere, but that's alright too.

I'm especially looking forward to laying down after tonight's walk, but that's probably kind of obvious.

I wonder if I'll get that feeling of being in the waves again, like last time?

That would be cool <3

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