Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Early-Morning Ramble #187

The (prior) dilemma: to go, or not to go for an ~8:30am trip to Food Basics. I wanted to, because they have a 99-cent sale going on right now, but as I sat and worked on my list, the desire faded, and as I sat and continued to slouch further and further down, I concluded that my indecision came from most of the stuff on my list being things that I only want, and not need. There are some other things that I could stand to spend the money on, like more cereal for instance, but I don't need, say, another four packages of crumpets, when I still have the ones I bought the last time they ran the same sale. Perhaps once I've slept, and once I've taken the time to pare my list back, I'll go and look into the things that I actually need.

So that's settled for now, but when I first thought about writing an entry before bed, it was because of two other things on my mind.

First - and definitely more lighthearted, to Jen, Orlando, and Michelle. You all owe me $30 on or before the 14th, because apparently my having to be the responsible one and making our booking for my birthday has left me in charge of the bill. I want to be more exasperated, and maybe even a tiny bit miffed, but I know Jen's got enough on her plate having to deal with Christmas shopping, and Orlando and Michelle haven't given me any of the money they owe in a laughably long time, so I feel it reasonable to assume they're out of the question too.

Where are we going? To Locked In, which is up in the mall, and then maybe possibly to Glitters for supper if everyone can afford it. Of course, my birthday proper is the day before, but as far as I know, Mom's making me a birthday supper of roast chicken with rice, broccoli soup, and some sort of pudding-fulled, chocolate-glazed bundt cake, and that's about all for the evening. I'd hoped to fit in some time for drinking too, but I'm not sure where or how that could happen between the those two days.

That's just the first thing though. The second is an... entirely different beast.


I was going to write about work here (big surprise), but the issue I'm facing is that words alone aren't enough. I could sit here for another two hours trying to describe the night I've just had, but all that would do is make me more frustrated, and I feel like I'm finally starting to mellow out a little bit.

To try and summarize though, I feel like I'm as far as I can go. I have to acknowledge that this won't be the first time I've said such a thing, but it's hard for me to want to indulge Shawn or Steph any further. If the job in the mall I was still waiting to hear about wasn't so tentative (if it happens, it'll be a part-time, temporary position), I would've given my notice tonight, and gone without pay for however long just to alleviate myself of the stress.

But there's something to hold out for, at least for a couple more days. Shawn is supposed to be leaving us a note of some sort the next time he's in, and depending on what that does or doesn't say, I may also want a face to face talk with him. Like always, I guess we'll see what happens.

...and now, although abrupt, it's going to be time for me to lay down. With luck, staying up so late will do something to lessen the fatigue I've been feeling lately. It's been the better part of a week where I lay down at ~8am, and sleep all the way 'til 4 in the afternoon, and am still tired to the point where I'm falling back asleep 4~5 hours later.

I'm planning to put my Christmas tree up in the afternoon. Maybe the colorful lights will make everything better~

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