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More Weird Dreams

All I can remember about it though was that it took place at Taco Bell. Glenda was back, and it was either a Friday or Saturday night, because for some reason, I knew it was 4 in the morning :s So I asked her if we were closed, and she said "No", because apparently there were new hours or something. Instead of going outside to take a look at the little sign, I asked her what they were. Friday, open 'till 5am, and Saturday, 6 :o

Then she went on to say something about how last weekend, they didn't get out 'till 10 in the morning, and that's about all I can remember. Rather frightening :x

And then I really don't know what happened with my alarm(s). Had my alarm clock set for 11:30, but it never went off, so when my DS started going off at 12, I fumbled around with the clock for several minutes until I finally realized what was actually making the noise, by which time it had stopped, so I reached up and turned it off. Thus I missed going to Heart and Stroke :s

Oh fu




That's what happens when the keyboard screws up, and I try to fix it by hitting random keys :3

But anyways, oh fun~ That's what it's supposed to say.

Time to play StepMania for a bit...

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