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A New Personal Best

It's quarter to five in the morning and I'm sitting here awake and still somewhat alert. What am I doing to my sleep schedule? At least it'll be nice with the cooler weather to sleep in tomorrow. This being out of work thing was kind of nice at first, but I'm into the second month now, and the money thing is starting to get to me. As far as I can tell, I probably can't apply for unemployment because I left Taco Bell on my own terms, and even if they made some exception and approved my application, the repercussions next year when I get my taxes done wouldn't make it worth it in the end. But this is all entirely beside the point anyway, because I actually logged back into my account here to write about the walk I went on tonight. Previously, this here was the farthest I'd ever gone, and that was 7 years ago looking at the original image properties. Unfortunately, Google Maps can't show the route I walked tonight all at the same time, and I have neither the patience nor the time to sit here taking screenshots for the next two hours, so we'll do it in text, because that seems like it should work.

BEGIN] Within a couple minutes of 10pm. Had been working on an energy drink for the past hour or so. Left equipped with my PSP, tail and ears, and a bag with a bottle of water in it. The route I had in mind at the outset was ~18.5km and so I was really happy to get outside and feel how cool it was, after how stupidly hot and humid it was earlier this week. And so we go...

1] 1.0km - Home, down to Thames St, up past the closed off bridge, and out to Grand Ave.
2] 1.2km // 2.2km - Out Grand Ave to Michener Rd, past more people than I'm used to seeing. It's Friday night though, so whatever
3] 1.2km // 3.4km - Up Michener Rd, to McNaughton Ave. I remember a time when that street seemed alot longer with the way it bends, but it doesn't seem nearly so bad these days
4] 1.5km // 4.9km - Back down McNaughton to Victoria Ave. Always have to avoid looking at the sign out front of CKSS because it periodically shows a clock, and I tend to enjoy the walk more when I'm not aware of the time, and how long I've been out already
5] 1.4km // 6.3km - Out Victoria Ave to Gregory Dr. By now, I'm starting to question my plan to walk from Gregory Dr to Indian Creek, because even if I could get through the construction up at Grand Ave, I don't know if the bridge is open
6] 1.0km // 7.3km - After a brief rest stop and my first sip of water, along Gregory Dr to Orangewood Blvd. What. It's weird to type that. Also, new plans are in mind at this point, to be revealed quite shortly
7] 1.4km // 8.7km - Down Orangewood Blvd, back to McNaughton Ave. One of the nicer stretches, because it's out where there's a schoolyard on one side, and an empty field on the other, so it's nice and quiet
8] 2.5km // 11.2km - From the intersection where Mac's is on McNaughton Ave out to Bear Line Rd. I've made the decision to start drinking some water every other turn, which I'll probably stick to on future walks
9] 0.5km // 11.7km - Up behind St. Clair College, to Grand Ave. At the same time as I was hating on the uneven gravel shoulder for being slippery and hard to maintain my pace on, I was trying desperately to keep the fact that I made the decision to walk out there at bay. Oh well. Half a kilometre is nothing
10] 1.0km // 12.7km - Down Grand Ave to Keil Dr. More gravel shoulder. More complaining. Then having to walk on grass, which provides its own traction and comfort issues
11] 1.9km // 14.6km - All the way down Keil Dr to Park Ave. Over the noisy blue bridge, past the empty lot that I'm guessing is where the casino is being built, and through (don't question it) the rest of the nondescript area past the lights. I still think there might be a Country Style along there...
12] 1.6km // 16.2km - Down Park Ave to Lacroix St, with another rest stop along the way, and little else. Too bad Sobeys is closed at 11 now, or I'd have been able to go in there (with what money right). Another idea is brewing right now, and I'm trying to gauge whether or not I'm up to it with how my legs are feeling already
13] 1.4km // 17.6km - From Lacroix & Park Ave to Indian Creek Rd. Have to go for it, after having come this far already, but fun detour anyway. I'd have been here and gone long ago if I'd known for certain the construction and bridge wouldn't be issues. Konstantino is still open. Ideas for food whenever I get home start to fill my head, but like before, with what money
14] 0.6km // 18.2km - A short walk along Indian Creek to Queen St. The closer the intersection at the other end of the stretch comes, the more doable this is starting to feel. It's starting to take longer to catch my breath when I stop for water though, and it takes longer to get up to speed once I start moving again
15] 1.4km // 19.6km - Through No Frills' parking lot, and all the way up to Park Ave again. I could tell a story about this stretch, but it's not fit to be repeated here. Similar to Konstantino, Pizza Tonite is also open, but I've already accepted that it's not going to happen
16] 0.4km // 20.0km - A short few blocks along Park Ave to St. George St. I didn't know it at the time, but I'd finally broken the 20km barrier again
17] 0.8km // 20.8km - Up St. George St to King St E. Technically it's not St. George all the way, but it's almost a straight line so I'm counting it as such. For all but one of the routes I normally walk, this is the point where I start to feel like I'm finally headed in the direction of home again
18] 1.1km // 21.9km - Back up King St E to 3rd St. At some point, I need to take some donation stuff over to St. Vincent de Paul there. Memories along the very first part of this stretch too, but nevermind that. King St itself is the hub of activity one would expect from a Friday. I suppose there is alot to do along there on the weekend if you're into that sort of thing
19] 0.4km // 22.3km - From 3rd St up and over the bridge to Grand Ave. At this point, I'm pretty well there. A meatball sandwich from 7-11 sounds pretty tasty, and I could afford it, but I've already got plans in mind for food at home now
20] 0.3km // 22.6km - A little bit of Grand Ave, and then down the home stretch. Interestingly, while I was excited to know I was headed directly for home, and was glad to be done with my walk, I felt like I could've kept going if I had to

END] Walked in the door and around to check the clock on my stove. Again, within a couple minutes of 1am. Three hours. 22 and a half kilometres. I was pretty pleased. Tired and sore, but pleased.

...all following which I just sat on the couch for a little while, took a refreshing, cleansing shower that was probably the best part about getting home, then made toast for supper, and didn't do a whole lot else. Tidied some things up, ate supper, worked on a couple puzzles in this picross book I have, then decided this would make a good topic for an entry in here. It's only been over a month, but even that feels like too long.

That only took an hour and a half instead of two. And I can see daylight outside. How awkward. I guess for now I should go lay down and see what happens, because I'm sure I could use the sleep, and I'm interested to see how my legs and body in general feel whenever I get up. Maybe I'll go for another walk and take all this donation stuff out if I'm feeling up to it~

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