Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

No Such Thing as Too Much Sleep

I went to bed around 2:30 in the morning, which is about five hours earlier than normal, because I had a headache from staring at my laptop screen for most of the afternoon and evening, and didn't feel up to doing much else. I figured it would be reasonable to wake up around noon, if not before, but I ended up not rolling over and deciding it was finally time to get on with the day again until quarter after 3. Twelve plus hours of sleep? Feels extremely good, moreso after not getting the best sleep the night before, and it's an overcast, rainy afternoon to make things even better, but I can't help feeling slightly guilty. The only place I went yesterday is Mom and Dad's, and that was only for ~10 minutes to play with Abby, because they were gone out somewhere. Tom never got back to me, and I ended up spending enough money on other things to not be able to afford to go to Walmart, so I just sat here. I tried to be productive rather than just staring at the TV all day, but I want to do more. I was feeling bored enough later at night that I thought if somebody from work called asking me to cover their shift that evening, I would accept, not so much for the money, but to have somebody to talk to. Alas, that was yesterday, and like I said, I made the best of it. I'm still at the beginning of the day today, and I'm feeling pretty good for now, mostly due to the abundance of sleep I just got.

So what are plans for the day? Trying not to spend any money, for one thing. I ended up breaking down and backing this Kickstarter project on the last full day it was running for, then spending another ~$52 a few hours later to buy his digital discography on Bandcamp, because it was 20% off and I just couldn't pass up the opportunity. I discovered a mix on my PSP that I'd downloaded from Youtube quite some time ago now, found the songs of his that were featured surprisingly catchy, and buying the rest of his music has been in the back of my mind since then, so I have now. Still need to go through the converting to MP3 and retagging everything process, but depending on whether or not I hear from Tom, that could be something to do later tonight. All of that being said though, goodbye, $110. You were money that I could've spent on Christmas presents, but ideas for those have dried up again for now, and I get paid tomorrow. There's a Lego set on Walmart's website that Trish suggested Adam would like, but it's $200, so I already told her we'll need to split the cost if he is to get that. It may not be as expensive at last year's Xbox One, but hell if I'm shelling out $200 of my own money to get somebody a giant box of assorted plastic pieces. I need to call Naomi and Ty at some point too, specifically to talk to Ty, because if she would still be interested, I want to get this book for her. Beyond that, I have some dishes to be washed whenever I get there, assorted cleaning that isn't extremely urgent, a second trip to Mom and Dad's to make to drop off the treats from work accumulated over my last four shifts, and I want to take a picture of my white board / todo list for October, then start working on a new one for November. A walk later on might also be nice, but that's only if the weather cooperates, and I can think of a substantial, exciting enough supper. I feel like that isn't nearly enough, especially if I end up having the night to myself again, but I should enjoy this quiet while it lasts, because things will surely start getting busier closer to the end of the month. Christmas is quickly approaching, after all.

Is there anything else worth mentioning? I don't really think so, at least for today. If I could remember more of the dreams I was having last night, I would write about those in detail, but I've been awake long enough now that they're starting to fade. One of them involved work, which isn't a great surprise, another one involved spending a day out with somebody who felt like a friend but who I didn't recognize, and the one just before I woke up started with our family sitting around the kitchen table at our old house eating supper, and everybody was starting to get irritated with Naomi. Josh was even there, for whatever reason. I can remember going upstairs after supper to talk to Mom, who said some things concerning the situation that she hadn't told anybody else, and that's about all. Same as up in the first paragraph, it was a good, long sleep, but it seemed like every time I woke up, rolled over, and dozed off again, I'd fall back asleep to a new dream.

Is there anything worth mentioning about the couple days since I last wrote in here? I worked 8:30pm to ~6am on Tuesday. My longest shift there to date, and I could feel myself getting more irritable the closer I got to the end of it. It was raining when I got done as well, so I didn't go for the long walk that I had planned, and oh look, work just called, and they want to know if I can work 11 - 6:30 tonight. I suppose I'll just wrap this up here and go get started with the day. I'm not calling them back or even saying "Yes" yet, but unless Tom replies and comes over by 6, I might as well. It would help make up what I spent yesterday~

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