Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

A Night of Change

I have to be awake and ready to go get my hair cut in four and a half hours, so I should probably be in bed instead of sitting on the couch writing this, but it's been an interesting night. I worked 11 - 7, and things were going pretty well at first. Found two toonies and a loonie in my tip container, managed to get the first chunk of work for the night done slightly ahead of schedule, and was working with somebody who both knows what they're doing and gets their work done, which is pretty much one out of three for the other people who work overnights. Sadly, tonight was her last one of those shifts, as she's been promoted, and will be working in the morning and afternoon from now on, but it is what it is, and it's pretty likely I'll still see them from time to time.

The second factor affecting things is the fact that I got home from work yesterday morning and as slightly annoyed, after finding an email informing me my schedule had been changed, and my two days off - Sunday and Monday - have been reduced to just one, making it so that I work four days in a row currently (tonight was the second), have one day off, then go back for other five. I've already done two weeks of five days on, one day off, after covering a couple shifts, but now we'll be going onto three. Of course, that begs the question why I mind as much as I do now, when it won't be anything new, but that's a matter of me being fine putting myself out voluntarily, but not liking it so much when I'm not given the choice. Alas, I decided there wasn't much to be done about it, more hours would mean more money, and I still had two days off on the newest schedule to look forward to.

...which brings us to factor number three. Back when I was brand new to overnight shifts, I was trained by Sean. Even then, he had been working for Tim Hortons for even longer than I'd been working at Taco Bell, and made it pretty clear over time that he was getting burnt out. Tired of not being appreciated, of the other staff not finishing the work they're supposed to, and, most damningly, not being allowed to apply for a supervisor position (despite his experience!) any time the opportunity became available, because he was already on the health and safety committee for the store. He tried for a few months to find work elsewhere, and it was one of the last couple times we worked when he commented that he had basically given up, because he was beyond frustrated applying places but not hearing back from any of them. I was looking forward to working with him tomorrow, and even more alright with being penciled in for that extra day since he was the other person on, but then...

Say about 6:00 this morning, I looked over from down in the drive thru area, and saw him at the front counter. Strange seeing him there at such an early hour, but I never got the chance to ask what was going on, because customers picked that moment to come in. When I did get the chance to ask the person who had talked to him what he had wanted, I was told to guess. "Did he say he still wasn't feeling well and wouldn't be able to work tomorrow?" No. Not quite the right idea. "...did he quit?" Yep. Right on the nose.

Now, I was frustrated straight away, because I had a feeling that meant I wouldn't get even one day off within the next stretch of time, then I got more and more stressed out plain and simple when I realized that left me as the most experienced overnight employee (and I've never ever worked out front), alongside an Indian girl I can hardly understand due to her accent, who's only worked one shift, where we put her to work cleaning, and one other younger lady who can only work part time (11-4). The stress has mostly faded away now that I've gotten home, and have been able to decompress, but just...

Brilliant. It's absolutely, 100% brilliant. I feel like it's not too much to want an apology from him, for leaving me in this predicament, but maybe that's asking too much. Maybe I'll see him tomorrow still, but probably not.

As I was headed out from the back to go home, Michael - one of the morning people - said he'd see me later, as he'd been asked about working overnight, so maybe he'll turn out o be a good worker, but I don't know yet.

...and now it's probably time that I had my before bed bowl of cereal if I'm going to do that, and went to lay down. It's going to be 9am before I know it...

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