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Karadur Inacu 

It's Now Or Never (to Write)

It's only 9am and already I'm in bed, probably for the night. What is life. I've been awake since 7am as well, and within the last hour, was still over at Mom and Dad's wrapping up a BBQ we were having for Dad's birthday. As in, finishing out the night, and not literally wrapping an new BBQ. What's even more, above everything else, and is my reason for at least starting this entry, I have to be up and awake for 5am tomorrow, which I'm both excited and stressed out over the thought of. You see, I start a new job. At 8am, not 5, but the idea is to have a couple hours to wake up, then walk over. As for where? Sobeys.

Back at the beginning of May, I received the dreaded phone message recalling me from temporary layoff, back to work at Tim Hortons. The big difference from before though is night shifts weren't a thing anymore, and my first one back was from 2:30 - 8pm. They did vary, to the point where I started at 7am one day (only one). Still, that first shift was enough to convince me I was definitely not interested in staying there long-term, so I think within the next morning, I updated my resume, and applied to an Overnight Stocker position at Sobeys on Indeed. When I came home from work, I had a message inviting me to a phone interview, which I called for and went through, which led to an in-store interview the day after that, and finally a phone call the next morning with the good news I was hoping for. Two weeks later (I remember writing my notice on break that afternoon), my last shift arrived, and at 8pm once again, I punched out for the last time. That part's nice. The job was stressing me out enough to where I'd booked time off for a break before, but then the pandemic and temporary layoff happened, I got the break I needed and more (fact of the matter is I booked five days off, when it took a month and a bit for me to feel like I'd fully unwound), I eventually get called back to work, which I'm not interested in, because I was really enjoying the layoff, and then within a few days, I have a legitimate, non-personal reason to be leaving. Also something about some statute of limitations on things from Tim Hortons but I don't know how long that should be. We'll see.

As for Sobeys, I say I'm both excited and nervous. Reasonably so, I guess, but on the off chance it'll help to say something, let's try this:

[I'm Excited Because] Once my training is complete, and me and whoever else will be making up the night crew all get switched over to that shift, I'll be working a job where I can do just what I need to do, without having to worry about customers. That alone is worth looking forward to, but then I wonder if they'd let me listen to my own music. I watched a livestream on Youtube shortly after I got the job to get a general idea of what I'd be doing, and the guy in that just shoved product onto shelves, and made sure everything was nicely organized, with the oldest stuff moved to the front. If that's all I'm doing, I don't see why I wouldn't be able to, but at least for the first little while, I'm not going to worry about it, because music would more likely slow me down. Also, the shifts are overnight, which means I'd finally be able to get back to the schedule I was on before everything turned weird. Not that I mind being a morning person now (I'll miss some aspects, possibly like Ash always wanting to snuggle in the morning), but unlike with the way things have been, when I'm working nights, I'll be able to have a job, and still make plans in the afternoon if there's anything I need to do. In a completely different direction once again, the orientation package gave a pretty good impression of how Sobeys treats their full-time employees, which, to my knowledge, is what I am. Last in this category (I think), for the past ~14 years, I've been walking roughly the same direction to work. No matter my start point, eventually, I'd come to St. Clair, walk some part of the way along that, and arrive at work. Throughout the years, I've walked many paths to work, but after as long as it's been, I see just the same scenery. The same houses, and businesses, and people, and streets, and etc.. Finally, however, that will be changing. Work is in the opposite direction from where I've been walking all this time, and along the way are all kinds of different streets and paths to be explored.

...on the other hand...

[I'm Nervous Because] Technically speaking, I worked in a grocery store once. At Food Basics. In the pharmacy, for a grand total of ~5 days. It went poorly to say a single word, and while I wouldn't say I'm terrified, I'm definitely apprehensive that some part of work at Sobeys is going to be the same as what I struggled with at Food Basics. That hand scanner, and the reports, and the computer interface, and all the different things to know and chances to mess something up. Then again, breathe. Food Basics wanted me to be ready and able to work on my own as soon as the pharmacy was opened. Sobeys has to be different. Stocking is in grocery, not the pharmacy, the location is well established, not just opening, and unlike Food Basics, Sobeys is full time. Obviously there are enough differences to say it's a different job, but I still want tomorrow and the next day (I also start at 8am on Monday) to go well, and to be able to do everything they want me to. Secondly, Sobeys is farther away from where I live than any of the places I've worked before. Don't get me wrong, I know I can walk (I listened to music on my way there last week to watch my training videos, and it took me only ~20 minutes), but say it's raining, or especially sunny and warm. Or what if I encounter a train, or a parade? The latter was a concern back when I was still living at home, and hasn't been since I moved into my own place, but will be now that I have to go the other direction. I do suppose a parade is unlikely working overnight, but I'm not going to rule it out. Third, from what I was told during the phone interview, overnight shifts are either 11pm-7am, or 12-8am. 11-7 I've done, both at Taco Bell and Tim Hortons, but never 12-8, especially not with a ~2.5km walk between work and home. Fourth, and hopefully final, the direction work is in will no longer take me past all the same places I've had the convenience of visiting on my way in up until now. Mom and Dad's, Food Basics, or the post office in Shoppers, to name a few. I did set up a FlexDelivery address at the post office down close to Sobeys so I can pick up packages there, but it's still going to be different.

I think that's going to be about it though. I had intented to write more at first, but it's already after 10 now, which means there's ~45 minutes 'til I'm going to want to lay down, and that's if I want six hours of sleep. The joy. Hopefully soon I'll find the focus again to write another one of these, because it would be nice to talk about all the non-work things too.

For now though, that's all~

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