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Sometimes I Wonder...

Time for another entry about a frustrating shift at work. To summarize, here's what went wrong:

:: Ran out of 12" tortillas. At the time that we ran out, there were a couple more items that required them still up on the boards, so we improvised by using a 10 1/2" for the main part, and a 6 1/2" to cover the hole, but that didn't work too well. Even after we informed everyone working that we were out of them, that eliminated 3 items from our menu: Crunchwraps (both the spicy and regular ones), Fajita Grilled Stuft Burritos, and Chicken Caesar Grilled Stuft Burritos. That wasn't a big deal in the end though.

:: Got stuck on drive through. While I was out putting a sign on the drive through menu board informing customers of the above point, Steph came out and handed me the headset she'd been wearing. Apparently her shift was over, so I was to take over the drive through. Wonderful. The dishes were all pretty much caught up though, so it was less of a pain than it would've been normally.

:: Ran out of lettuce. Believe it or not, we did. When I arrived at 8:00, I was informed by Glenda that what we had up on line plus one bag was all that was left. Frightening stuff, when you consider that lettuce goes on 90% of the food we sell. We ran out just before 11, and after adding a note to the sign on the drive through menu board, most people seemed to pick up on it and specify that it was okay if their order didn't have lettuce. A couple people ended up just leaving without any food at all, but that wasn't a problem in any way ;) One couple came through and ordered 25 tacos though. I got a bit mixed up ringing in their order, so when I went to tell them the price, it was something like $75.00 :P The actual amount turned out to be just a bit over $30 though.

:: Main till being busted. About 1:00, I tried to press the "Clear" button on the main till to check what time it was, and it didn't work. None of the buttons did, in fact. As it turns out, that's the only till that the manager can use to print the end-of-the-night reports, as well as clock everyone out, so guess what? As things stand right now, we're technically still working (we were unable to clock out), none of the reports are printed (big worry there, as one of them was for the amount of money in my till, to see whether I was over or short), and Alain's going to be the one finding that out in the morning. Being one of the more tempermental people there, I can say that it likely won't be pretty. Here's another problem. None of the reports are done, right? They're only done at the end of the night. Alain's never worked a close in his life, so he doesn't know how to run those reports off. See the problem? What a mess. Glenda seems to think it's because there's a white wire underneath that's disconnected (it's a phone jack sort of thing), but I honestly can't see one tiny cord powering the entire till. I'm sorry, but it's just not feasible.

:: We closed earlier than we should have. 1:30 to be exact, but that was because it was then that we found out the till was busted, and we already had line bagged and everything. If anyone finds out that we did that, we're all in trouble. Under no circumstances, aside from an unavoidable emergency, are we to close early. Good God.

Aside from those points though, everything else went as it should've. I'm really starting to get tired of the customers though. I know it's a really poor complaint, but it's gotten to the point where I've been talking under my breath, as if I was saying something to a customer, saying things like "You don't need Taco Bell this badly. Go home and use your microwave. Oh wait, you're probably too stupid to!" There is one couple that periodically comes through drive through though, and the guy has a PSP, and I always want to ask him what he does with it, but I can never work up the nerve :P

Speaking of PSPs, downgrader for 2.6 is out. Didn't I say such a thing would come eventually? As of right now, I'm quite happy with my 1.5 PSP upgraded to 2.0 downgraded to 1.5 upgraded to 2.0 upgraded to 2.6 downgraded to 1.5 upgraded to 2.0 and downgraded to 1.5 :) Works like a charm, and now I know we have complete control in terms of downgrading for any PSP up to firmware 2.6. I installed X-Flash, so now mine is at a wonderful firmware version of 13.37 :D Now I don't have to worry about accidentally updating to 2.7 or whatever, but I can't load GTA either :P Oh well. No big loss.

Anyways, tomorrow's when we get our pay stubs. I'm thinking of heading up there sometime around 4 or 5, then heading out to EB Games and getting a DS Lite. It may seem a bit eccentric, given that I already own the following game consoles:

  • GBA SP
  • GBA Micro
  • DS
  • PSP
  • Gamecube
  • PS2

Honestly though, I see myself as more a collector of games. I may buy one, play it for a day or so, then never touch it again, but at the same time never give a thought to returning it. It's more the having of games and such that I get satisfaction from.

As for buying stuff now, I also recently purchased to new pieces of hardware for my computer. A new video card, and a hard drive. Both I managed to install with moderate success (although I had to move some stuff around to get the hard drive to fit, thus rendering the floppy drive currently unaccessible (as in it's not on the same level as the slot anymore)), so I'm happy about that. The video card I mainly got for Oblivion, although it's nice to have it as well.

Anyways, I'm going to end this here for now, as I just suddenly lost all will to write anymore, and I'd hate to leave this as a draft, which'll undoubtedly eventually get discarded.

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