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Sleeping the Day Away

7 at night. Nice. Just got out of bed, but given that I went to bed at 8 and didn't bother to set my alarm clock, I suppose that's to be expected :3

No work tonight, which is a relief, but the main bad thing about the past couple nights, at least that I found was quite literally working with Josh. I can't really explain it, but whenever I was around him, this unsettling irritation would keep growing and growing, to the point where I was ready to just walk out the back door and sit for 5 minutes. For example:

Last night, I went on drive through, so Jess and Ange could go on their breaks. Megan was still on line at the time, and there were quite a few cars, so after about 3 or 4, Josh came down and started taking cash. Up to that point, I was just in a bit of a rush trying to figure out just where I was and everything (in terms of orders), but then once he came down, it was just like "I can handle this myself. Please just go back up on line where you're needed."

And then at the end of the night, I was listening to music on my PSP, as usual, and he started hollering for me. Didn't hear him 'till the third time, because the song was loud, but when I took out the headphones, he gets this really serious look in his eyes and says "The music has to stop. I yelled at you three times and you didn't hear me 'till the third." First of all, screw that. Listening to my own music at the end of the night is the one thing I have to look forward to about working there (aside from getting paid :s), so yeah. And secondly, what was so important, that he had to yell at me to get my attention? He wanted me to check if the pans and stuff for the grill were already taken back to be washed.

If you ask me, that's something he should've gotten up off the floor to check himself. HE'S the shift manager. Not any of us. All I ask is that at the end of the night, you leave me to do whatever I have to for closing, and if yo really need to get my attention for something, tap me on the shoulder or something. Not like Josh did - ripping the headphone out of my ear and grinning like he'd done the greatest thing in the world.

And now I'm (according to him) going to his house on Tuesday night. That's going to be fun. I fully plan on listening to whatever music at high volume, and if I can't hear him, that's just too bad.

So right now, I dunno what I'm going to do. Probably head out to get some supper in a bit, seeing as I've got change left over from when we went to Dairy Queen last night (yay~), but as for the rest of the night, I think I can guess~

Have to be in at 8 tomorrow night, but Mom also has to work, so I may just get dropped off whenever she has to go, then just play a game on my PSP or start early or something :\ Then I have Tuesday off, but as I already said, Josh has made my plans for that night already, then I work Wednesday to Friday, all closes. Bleh.

Although hopefully by Wednesday my tail will have arrived <3

For now though, I'm off to show Mom those two music sheets I posted links to in my previous entry :p She still plays (mostly church) music on the piano from time to time, so she'd probably appreciate it :3

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