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New Item...

I'm really looking forward to work today. We start selling the 7-layer crunchwrap. I can't even remember what goes on it :s It's something like...

Sour Cream
Nacho Cheese
Red Sauce
12" tort

In the order from bottom to top. Without the tomatoes and guac it might be alright, but otherwise, no. And what's even better, last night, I happened to overhear an ad on the radio for "Zesty Nachos". According to Josh, it's a US only item though, so whatever :p We never got the Ultimate Chalupa, so we probably won't get those either. And they can't be very good, given that they only cost 99¢ But yeah. The 7-layer burritos are currently selling at a slow to moderate pace, at least so I can't see what they hope to have happen by making a crunchwrap version of it :\

But for now, time to watch Police Academy 5 :p Watched the first 4 already tonight, and I've nothing better to do, so yeah :3