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The sky outside keeps flashing every so often, almost like lightning, but not frequently or for long enough :s Went out into the front hall to open the door, and I could hear this annoying buzzing sound coming from behind me somewhere, then opened the door, and stood there for about a minute before a cat ran up along the right side of the house, onto the road, where it stood for about 30 seconds looking at me, then ran off :p Random things at 7 in the morning.

And earlier on (around 12), I went to 7-11, and on the way there alone (about 2 blocks), I saw 5 cop cars :o

THUNDER :3 I JUST HEARD IT. FINALLY~ Although what remains to be seen is whether we'll get an actual storm, or just a bit of rain.

Good enough time to head upstairs and go to bed though :p

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