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Really Early Start (to work)

So this is looking fun. I have to be at work for 8. Mom has to be at work at 6:30, and she'll be there 'till 8:30, with the van. I know I went over that already, but whatever. So I'm going to get dropped off there at ~6:30, eat my supper nice and slow, then still have an hour to wander around doing whatever :s Thankfully it is Monday night though, so we shouldn't be too busy. I'm pretty sure it's me, Mark, and Jess to close as well, and that is honestly one of the more irritating things about it. Sunday through Thursday, I'm guaranteed to work with Mark. Friday and Saturday, it'll be Josh. Same people week after week gets really tiring. It's times like these that I find myself wishing they'd put me on a day shift or two, but I can't see that happening :\ Tonight though, I might get the rotation done and over with before I clock in, or see about clocking in early, because I'd much rather use that in between time getting things cleaned up and whatnot, but we'll have to see. All depends on how busy they were today...

That, and it just seems like lately, I've fallen into some sort of routine. I wake up anywhere from 12 to 7 in the afternoon / evening, depending on whether I'm going to Heart and Stroke or not, haul my laptop downstairs, start playing something on the other computer, while I go about checking various sites and such for updates (you guess which :3), then go to work, come home, watch more stuff on the computer and write something in here, and then go to bed. Boring. Plain and simple :x And the same thing could be applied to work, because more often than not there, I'm steaming, and thus end up having to take down line at the end of the night, which is always the same. Bleh. The good thing about the latter is that I've gotten it to the point now where I can have both hot and cold line taken down and cleaned in good time, but that's about it.

But enough of that :p Don't know whether it rained or not today, seeing as I only got up at 4:30, but it doesn't look like it. I doubt it will tonight either, seeing as it really doesn't feel right outside, but looking here, it might on Tuesday...

Tuesday. Still not too up on the idea of going to Josh's house, but I suppose if this'll satisfy him long enough that he doesn't ask for a little while longer, then I might as well. And as I said before, next time he asks, he's coming here. Of course, in all fairness, I should be asking him to come here, but the past couple times I've asked, it's ended with me going to his house instead, so yeah :x

Might as well play some StepMania while I wait~

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