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We Need Rainnnnn

WTF? There is corn in the middle of my TV dinner brownie. Not fair ;_; Screw the potatoes then. They're always rather cold, and I'm sure there's some inside them as well :s Almost as bad as making a taquito at work and getting a bit of lettuce in the cheese.

So, first thing on my mind. Work. Disgustingly hot in there tonight. And that was with most of the lights off, and the doors and windows open. AND we're only at the end of March :x It wasn't terribly busy, but it was terribly warm. What's more, there some note on the board at the back about how the air conditioning can't be turned on until it "is surviced by a pro". According to Earl, who I believe wrote it. Fixed the spelling mistake, after which Mark said something about Earl saying that it wouldn't be turned on until the summer, when it was really needed. Yeah :\ There's only so much that standing in the walk-in or sitting down outside can do.

Then after we closed, I was rinsing the sinks at the back, when I felt something hit my leg. Turned around to see John standing outside, along with someone else. Walked out, took a look at that other person, and noticed that it was Seth :p So from there, we ended up walking home (well, at least back to the house here, whereupon they continued onto wherever they were going). Fun. I would've gotten a ride home, had Mom actually hung up her phone, but yeah.

So right now, sitting here in the dark, with the ceiling fan on, and I'm just starting to feel cold. Feh. I doubt I'll be going to Heart and Stroke in the morning, given that I won't be going to bed for some time, but for now, I think I'll play some more Avernum 4. Just up to exploring Spire right now (was at Bargha, but reloaded an older save by accident), which is rather near the end of the game, so let's see how much more I can get done :3

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