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People Won't let me Sleep

Went to bed at 12. Noon :p Mostly because I wanted to be up when the mail came (you know what for~), but all we got was some Joyce Meyer catalogue addressed to Dad :s Around 5, Mom comes up, and into my room, and starts calling my name, then says something about how she knows I can hear her, and that if I wanted to go to Smittys with her and Adam, that I should be up by 6. Didn't really feel like it though (and not just because I was comfortable in bed, either), so I went back to sleep. Then at 7, Adam comes up, and starts asking me if I can come downstairs and help him figure out what's wrong with his 360. I wasn't getting back to sleep at that point, so I put some pants on, grabbed a shirt, and went downstairs.

It was giving him some problem at the MTU stage, whatever that's for. So I looked around with Google, and eventually found a site where a "TCPOptimizer" program was available, of which one of the features was listed as being able to manually change the MTU. Downloaded it, and to my surprise, the value was set at what it was supposed to be (1490 or something like that), but I changed it to 1500 just in case, and rebooted. It still gave him the error, so he read the "More Info" thing to me. Right at the bottom, it tells you to go to xbox.com/setup. Went there, and what did I see? "Xbox.com is currently down for maintenance. Please check back soon." Yes :3

So now he's out in the living room playing some game on my Wii. Sounds like Sonic :s

But anyways, much nicer out today. Woke up around 3 or so to hear rain falling outside, and right now, I assume it's still fairly damp out, and it's also slightly on the cold side. Why couldn't it've been like this last night? Meh.

Haven't heard anything else from Josh about going to his house yet, which is, in all honesty, quite fine with me. Perhaps he forgot? Maybe he's doing something else tonight? Or maybe I'm just getting way ahead of myself :x Well... if he hasn't phoned by 9...

Feh. Close enough. Dad called about half an hour ago to say he wouldn't be home 'till midnight or so, so for now, might as well see about going to Taco Bell to get some breakfast lunch and supper, and my pay stub :3 I have had quite a few days off in the past couple weeks though, so it probably won't be too great :\

Oh, and also beat Avernum 4 last night. Much different from what I remember seeing the first time I played it through. I clearly recall being given some quest by someone in the Castle to go fight one of the shades until a little piece of it fell off, then you had to bring that back to said person, and they'd figure out a way to actually kill the shades from it. That and in the final area, I remember there being Vahnatai (hopefully that's spelled right) that fought Rentar-Ihrno alongside you, and somehow trapped her in a crystal so they could attempt to... how to say... make her sane again. *shrug* I guess that's what I get for ignoring them in those areas :p Now I have to find a new game to work my way through though. Geneforge 3 maybe? Who knows?

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