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Great Start to the Day

DS alarm starts going off at 12, so I got out of bed, turned it off, and got dressed. Took care of one other thing (hint: starts with a b, ends with room), then walked down the stairs. Stepped on one of the glass birds that normally hangs in the window, but was on the stairs, most likely because of the cats :s It's broken just enough so that one of its wings is just barely hanging on right now. Then out to the kitchen, to check if any mail was brought in, and there was nothing, so I started thinking to myself "What's it gonna take?", but then opened the door to take a look myself anyways, and looked down to see a box. Not a very big box either. However, inside the box is exactly what I ordered (if only not exactly as I pictured it), so yes <3

I suppose it's good that nobody else got to it first either. "Costume" may not be the most accurate description, but it'd still give certain people some choice questions.

But aside from that, we got a pizza flyer, and some other random advertisement. Yay.

Actually going to Heart and Stroke today, which is kind of funny, especially with what went on yesterday. See, I got up at 7 at night, but then went to bed at 2, because I was really tired. Woke up again at 6, and pretty much just laid in bed for 2 hours, then fell back asleep at 8, and got back up again at 12. It was really fun waking up at 6, and realizing "Hey. If I'd gone to Josh's house tonight, I'd probably just be getting to sleep right now." :x But like last time, I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up bringing it up on Friday, so we'll just have to wait and see.

... WTF again. One of our cats just came in here, started meowing at me, and then got to rubbing against the chair I'm sitting in, so I reached down to scratch her a bit, and now it smells like she farted :s Are cats known to fart? It really stinks, and I most certainly didn't :x

Anyways, work tonight. 9 to close. Most likely with Mark and Steve. Thus, I'll most likely end up being on drive through, which is fine enough with me, as long as it isn't ridiculously hot in there again. Doesn't look like it will be though, so hopefully. Hopefully I can get my pay stub as well. Asked Mark if they were in the safe last night, and apparently the day people got theirs, but the rest were nowhere to be found. Feh. If not, I guess I'll just have to wait 'till Thursday and see just how much more money I have in my account.

Might as well pack this up and get ready to go though...

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