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More Decisions

... although technically I should at least try to make all the recipes in Cooking Mama first :s Thinking about phoning EB Games to see if they have this. At first it just looked like another kiddy sort of game, but after reading a couple reviews, it actually doesn't sound too bad. Meh. Dad has a phone in his room. Might as well use it :3

But first, what happened here? My alarm clock's currently flashing, displaying "4:04" (heh), and yet if I check the time on my laptop, it's only 10 to :x Power outage? I could swear I heard my fan shut off for about a minute earlier this morning, so it's a possibility.

So tonight. Work at 9. There are 5 people there 'till 3, two of which leave then :o Now I appreciate that yes, maybe it will be busy tonight, but wouldn't it make alot more sense to take one of those people, and put them on either Friday or Saturday night? Hell, even if they don't stay 'till close, it'd probably help. And as for last night, pretty good as well. Wasn't on drive through, surprisingly enough, and managed to have both hot and cold line taken down, restocked, etc. in time so that I was actually waiting for Mark to say we were closed so I could carry the stuff over :3

Got my pay stub as well (as it turned out, they were left in the binder with all the employee phone numbers and whatnot). ~$398. So they're getting $40 for gas, I might be spending money on that game, and then will probably buy something for supper afterwards, so $300 left? Not bad, I guess :p

Time to go call EB Games now though~

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