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Codenames :x

WTF for the third time. Gran Paradiso, and now Minefield? Why not just say "Firefox" and be done and over with it. That is, go here. Download and begin installation. That's (not) Firefox :s

So, first thing on my mind: going to Heart and Stroke today. I really want to, seeing as I told Michele I'd be in for sure on Friday, but looking at things right now (7:30 in the morning, probably won't even get tired enough to go to sleep 'till 8 or later, etc.), I doubt it :\ Should probably email Michele to let her know, but that'd involve logging into GMail first, which is more difficult than it might sound right now (don't ask) :3 It's my own fault that I didn't get to bed earlier (we got out of there at 3:30 tonight, so there was plenty of time), but meh. Didn't even think about it 'till I got up here...

As for phoning EB Games, never did. Got to thinking more about not really needing the game, because all I had to go by were those couple reviews, and what other people have said, and also that I really should be trying to save some money (for nothing in particular, really, but still...), so yeah. Lord knows I haven't even bothered to check what firmware version is requires yet :x I highly doubt it's 3.30, seeing as that was just released, and I'm not upgrading to 3.10 (OE or otherwise (I likes me some topmenu customizations)), so there's really no point right now. I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again. You look at the games I have listed in my profile, and half of them (at least) are ones I've picked up, started playing, then stopped, out of boredom or otherwise :x At very least, I should try to beat some of those first.

<3 This thing is so soft. The description was quite right when it said it could be used as a pillow~ Although I have to stick my other pillow underneath it first, or it hurts my neck :s Wearing it around the house is fun as well, but I've yet to work up the nerve to put it on right when I get out of bed or whatever. Soon enough :3

Smart cat. Tabby (Naomi's cat) was in here when I closed the door, and she just started meowing, wanting to be let out. Just turned the doorknob so it'd open that little bit, and she managed to get it open the rest of the way herself.

And with those two random facts, it's time to get to sleep. Just sent an email to Michele, telling her that I won't be in, so all that's left to do is turn off my DS and alarm clock :s

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