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For Once I can't think of a Title~

Why do people feel the need to ask for a refund because they have to wait for a couple minutes for their fries, after they've been told they'll be a couple minutes? Tonight, a couple people came through, and made a fairly large order. After I'd taken their cash and handed out their drinks, Steve told me he'd just dropped fries, so I told the people "It'll just be a couple minutes for fresh fries". It only takes two minutes and 30 seconds to fry them. So I was just standing on line using the opportunity to relax. Then, just as the fries were being made, I hear the lady say "Can I have my money back?" So I went back, got Josh, he took care of it, and they left.

And before that (say 9:00), a lady came into the dining room and ordered two Mexican Pizzas with two sides of sour cream. We no longer have the pizza shells (yay), but due to not knowing that while the order was being taken, it was explained to her that they could be made with tostadas, and as far as I know, that was fine with her. Unfortunately, Josh (not the manager) put regular cheddar cheese on them instead of 3 cheese, so they didn't look that great at first, but instead of simply saying "Could you please put 3 cheese on them?", she started fussing about how they didn't look very good, asked us to make them again, then went back to her table, but not before saying "And bring them out to me when they're done." Manoah brought them out, and he didn't say anything about it when he got back in, but still... it's just... if you can see that we're busy (and we were, incredibly so), and there is in fact something wrong with your food, then feel free to tell us, but please, be reasonable when you do so :\

But aside from that, and the fact that we were pretty busy, tonight was alright. We ended up getting both Tim Hortons and Dairy Queen, and had a chance to eat / drink whatever we got, and we were also out of there at 4:30, so yeah. In all, pretty good :3 Especially seeing as I was on drive through for 8 hours straight :s

Two days off now, and although I didn't get a chance to write "No" on them on the schedule, Josh knows that I planned on doing so, so with any luck, I will have them off.

Oh, and...


As of right now, this tail is quite fine enough, but still... something else indeed <3

I think that's it for now though. 8:30 in the morning, and I'm starting to get tired :3

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