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Interesting way of making Hotdogs

Yeah. Playing Cooking Mama right now, and I just had to make a hotdog. First step was to slice the bread. Simple enough (or perhaps "Wonderful! Better than Mama" :s) Second step? "Move the Wii Remote to the left and right to catch the falling ingredients" :x I caught everything but the hotdog. Yay. Silver medal though. Meh :p

And (not surprisingly, really), they tried to call me in tonight. Something about Jerome's stuck in London, and that he's really screwed over for closing. I suppose I should mention that it was Josh who left the message. Didn't call them back, but they never called again, so whatever. Unless they called someone else in, only Josh, Manoah, and John are working, so yeah.

And it's also April 1st. More commonly known as April Fools' Day, in the case that it needs to be specified :3 Can't say I have any special plans, but Mark and Steve were talking quite a bit in the past week about how they were thinking of phoning Earl, and telling him that the store was on fire... Yeah. You tell me~

I feel like going back out to find something to watch on the other computer though, so for now, this is it.

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