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Two Days in a Row

Slept 'till 7 again :s Mom and Dad are gone right now, apparently up to the hospital to visit someone, but after they get back, I'm thinking about asking to head to the bank to get some money for supper, and also to be able to find out how much I have now that I just got paid, then to wherever to get food, then back here for the night. Oh boring~

I figure somewhere around $3,500. Haven't spent a great deal of my most recent pay yet (maybe $60), and looking at things right now, I might very well be. Yeah, I just got a tail, but the airbrushed one is just so much better :3 And two is always better than one. It might be $100, but given that I used to spend more than that on games (and sometimes in a week alone), I think it's well justified :p

Have to be up for 12 or something tomorrow to go get my hair cut, so I can't stay up that late either. Meh.

And now I'm off to redownload VBA and Megaman Battle Network 4. I remember how I used to be able to beat it in about 2 hours (thus leading to a couple days where played the same thing for 6 hours straight :x), and thinking about that really makes me want to play it again, so yeah. It might be fun.

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