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Early to Bed...

... and as much as I'd like to finish that sentence, I'm not going to :p

Just got out of the shower, and I'm sitting here with my blankets over me, because I was wet and therefore cold at first, but now I'm warm, and the blankets are wet, so it's going to make it really pleasant to get to sleep tonight :s

According to Mom, we have to be out of here by 12:30 tomorrow (we go to Tilbury to get our hair cut (don't ask)), and I was starting to get tired around 12, so I figured I'd just go upstairs, have a shower, then go to bed whenever I got tired enough. I still need to figure out when I work tomorrow, but I'm just going to wait 'till 7 and call them then. I could when I get up, but they'll be in the middle of the lunch rush, and I could call them after 2 right now, but I can't see putting my clothes on again just to go downstairs and use the phone. Feh. Waiting will work well (yay for w's).

But aside from getting a haircut and work tomorrow, not much to do (again) :x Well, I plan on at least heading to the bank whenever we get back from Tilbury, to get a money order, then to someplace where I can get an envelope and a pen, and then to Shoppers, once again.

Random image now:


Redundancy FTW~

And now, I feel like playing some more if it :3