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Exactly as Planned...

I have here in my hands a "Customer's record of Draft purchased from The Toronto-Dominion Bank" for USD $90.00 :3 Now that the other copy's sent off (or so I'm assuming), it's time I actually tried to save up some money :p Spending a bit for supper or snacks from 7-11 every so often is something I have no problem with, but going through ~$200 on games, and in this case, tails (<3), has to stop, or at least slow down :s Well, until I've a decent / respectable amount in my account (right now, I'm thinking around $5,000).

I also wish I had something to throw. Adam's got his headphones on (he's listening to something on his PSP), and yet is loudly telling me every single thing that's happening on Oblivion :s

Have to be at work in two hours though. Called them when we got back, and thankfully Josh answered, and according to him, I start at 9, so whatever. I'm more concerned about it being hot in there tonight. They had the doors open when we were driving past from Shoppers, so...

Meh. Might as well go get my uniform on, then play some more Avernum 2.