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Why Would they do That?

I work tomorrow, yes? I was expecting as much, but not what they have me working. 10 to close. 4 and a half, maybe 5 hours :s Although I suppose it's good in the sense that I'll have more time to just do whatever. Still thinking about picking up on Phoenix Wright: Justice for All again (especially after reading this). Last I remember I left off somewhere in the third case, after the first court "session". That'd likely involve staying up in my room most of the day (at least that's what happened when I really got into the fifth case on the first one), but then again, that could have some certain advantages. We'll see, I guess.

But as for work tonight, it was weird. Walked in there, and all the lights were off, once again, but it didn't feel too hot. Even after I'd been in there for a while (say around 11), it wasn't nearly as bad as last Monday night, which was good. Took us 'till 3 to get out of there, but that's just 'cause Mark's paranoid (or at least seems to be) that someone has it in for him there. That leading to him saying things tonight such as "If we have to take the garbage out the side door, we will", and "Just... be on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary tonight guys. I have a feeling someone's up to something." Quite creepy~ Also, at the end of the night, the shift manager normally does a walk-through, to make sure everything's done. Tonight, he had me go along with him, to check those various things, and then made me sign the morning checklist to show that we'd both verified that the store was indeed clean and tidy before we left.

And after that, he got into a bad mood about the safe being $25 short, and kept going on and on about possibly having to pay for it. Something about "So basically that means I worked for nothing tonight." I dunno... When I called Josh to find out when I worked yesterday, he said I'd have fun, because I was going to be working with Mark, and now I see what he meant :s

Might as well head upstairs though. I'd like to be up there before Adam gets up for work, so I should probably get going now :3

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