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Got up at 5, came down here, and someone promptly started knocking on the door. After quickly thinking about who it could be, and whether I really wanted to get up or not, I decided I'd better see who it was. Turned out to be Josh. Apparently he just got done or something. Meh. Not my concern, really.

First thing he says when he comes in the door though "So now I've got it in for him huh!?" At first I was thinking "Umm... did I say something I shouldn't have last night?" As it turns out, he was talking about Mark. Apparently Mark feels everyone's out to get him, when in fact the only reason he's getting in trouble (or being reprimanded, to be more kind :p) is because he's not doing the things he should be.

For example: according to Josh, last night, they crumpled up several of the blue wraps (the ones for spicy chicken burritos and such), and *ahem* strategically placed them in the dining room. Specifically in places they felt Mark wouldn't check, even though he was supposed to. Of course, only one was found, and by Mark, at that, so I told him "Well, Jerome closed dining room last night..." Turns out Jerome was in on the whole thing :s So then he proceeded to tell me where the wraps were hidden.

Behind the pullout thing that holds all the condiments, forks, and such. Mark found that one, simply because he actually pulled the thing out while he was checking the dining room (and just about tipped it over in the process, I might add :x). Then he had to go all the way back in to the back, just to grab a broom and dustpan, when he could've just as quickly reached in and grabbed it.

One was also underneath the pop machine. I don't know whether Mark found that one or not, but he should've, seeing as he did bring the pans that were under it (to collect pop syrup that had been dripping for some reason or another) to be washed.

Third one was underneath the divider between the booths in the middle of the dining room. Mark didn't find that one, although in his defense, nobody else really ever bothers to sweep under there either :\

Final two (that I was told about, at least) were at the very back corners, underneath the booths in the corners of the dining room. Might seem like a rather unfair place to hide them, but when you're standing at front cash, or at the other large window thing where food is handed out, you can quite plainly see any and everything that's back there.

So yeah. Apparently we're in for a fun night tonight as well. I just wonder what that's supposed to mean :3

I was going to tell Josh on the way back to his house (we gave him a ride home), but I thought better of it, just for what he might say, but I will say it now. Each night I go in there, I try to do everything I've been taught needs to be done for a good close. Regardless of what position I'm on (line, drive through, front cash, or whatever else). That's not to say that we have a perfect close every single night either. The opening people seem to care that a specific set of conditions are met. Those being...

The store is clean (includes dishes, dining room, etc.)
Prep is done for the morning
Carryover is done correctly

They don't care if you've taken down the hoods above the fryers and had someone else wash them. They aren't going to give you special consideration because you cleaned the grate in the ceiling that nobody has ever bothered to touch. Doing extra stuff is, yes, going to give you something to fall back on, but that's about as far as it goes.


And with that, I'm going to play some more Justice for All. All I had to do was present that certain thing to Acro. How could I have missed something so obvious? Now to figure out what the something he doesn't like much is. "Something" seems to imply that'd be a piece of evidence, but nothing that I have makes any sense given the rest of it. Hah it's R...

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