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Just Amazing

How many times did both Mom and Dad ask me yesterday if I was going to Heart and Stroke? I don't know, but plenty, at least. No though. Just woke up, stumbled into the bathroom, and noticed I couldn't see the van anywhere outside, so I asked Mom where it was, and according to Dad, who overheard me, it's in the shop or something. Apparently it'll be back by 2 or so, which means I'll still be able to get a ride home. I'll just have to walk there.

That first of all begs the question of what the weather is like outside. It's windy, to start. I know that because the wind blew open one of the windows in my room, and when it closed it woke me up :s Chances are it's cold out as well, but if it is, I can just wear a jacket or something.

Also, sleep. Went to bed (as in laid down in bed, with the lights off) at 6. I don't know how long it took me to get to sleep, but I'm willing to bet somewhere around 7. That means I've had somewhere around all of 5 hours of sleep right now. Wonderful~ Feh. If it comes to it, I'll just be done at Heart and Stroke at 4, then come home, and sleep 'till 6. Going there tomorrow is debatable, but given that they're probably closed on Friday (seeing as it's Good Friday), I really should.

And that's another question. I know on Friday we get paid time and a half, because it's a holiday. What about Easter? I only work 9 - 2 then (as opposed to 9 - 5 on Friday), but is or isn't it a holiday? Well actually, I suppose if it was, they wouldn't have me working both :s

Anyways, still have a bit of time before I have to leave, but I should end this now while I can't think of anything else to write :p