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At Least it was Better than Last Time

I refer you to this. Not exactly the same date or anything, but still, aside from it being (ever so) slightly less busy this time it was pretty much the same. Just that this time around, I was on drive through for most of the night alone (up 'till about 2), and it was Manoah and Ange on line, instead of Jerome and Kevin.

Well, Steve also had all the dishes caught up by the time he left (at 12) which really helped. If they hadn't been done, we might still very well be there right now...

But yeah. From 9 - 1 or so, we weren't too busy (the cars were coming in groups of 4 or 5, or so). Things completely died down at 1, and stayed that way 'till 1:30. The cars stopped again at quarter 2, then started lining up again about 5 minutes later, and we ended up being wrapped from the menu board to the door on the other side of the building 'till a couple minutes after 3. And what's worse, at 3:30, Manoah and Ange both left, because, according to them, they have things to do later today, leaving me and Mark to close the store. We were out of there by 5, but still...

From what Mark said as well, Shelia was well aware that last year we had an extremely busy Thursday night around this time, and she was going to give us an extra closer because of that, but Mike and Earl wouldn't let her. WTF. We did $2,000 over projection today. Does that not mean anything?

Oh, and also...

1 G CRUNCHCOMBO         5.69
1 CMBO 1                4.09
  2 SOFT
    NACHO   CHEESE       .60
1 G CRUNCHCOMBO         5.69
1 STK TAQ COMBO         5.49
    UP SUP               .99
1 SOFTTACO              1.19
1 7LAYER                2.69
          GST           1.59
          SBTL         28.02
          PST           2.11
          TOTL         30.13
          CASH         30.13
          CHNG           .00

Note that the time on the receipt is 22:07 (10:07pm), so it's not like it was some family out for supper or whatever either :\

Anyways, before I log onto the computer in front of me and find something to watch, progess on Justice for All: not much. I don't know who "De Killer" is, but honestly, if you, in real life, were to see a guy that looks like a (skinny) butler, and also looks like he has a zipper down the center of his face, wouldn't you be a bit suspicious? So I dunno. Right now, I can see proving Engarde's either guilty or innocent, then ultimately getting "De Killer" convicted, but then again, I could very well be getting way ahead of myself. The only way to find out is to play some more (or read an FAQ, but that would take all the fun out of it, literally)~

So for now, it's time to see if I can't head upstairs again to grab my DS, and otherwise, just watch another movie or something. Tomorrow's a holiday, so nobody has to be up for work or anything, so I figure I'm relatively safe (wearing my tail right now~). Of course I do, but I've already gone over that, and I believe the making time and a half is compensation enough :3

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